This Journal Belongs to Ratchet by Nancy J. Cavanaugh

This Journal Belongs to Ratchet - Nancy J. Cavanaugh

A few weeks back, I went to a brand new library that my town put up so I can see it in its beauty. When I got there, I was not disappointed in the least. It's a lot larger than the other libraries near where I live. There are floors with so many bookshelves and so many books on those shelves that I just could not handle it; I was so excited! During my venture, I walked by a table highlighting a whole bunch of middle-grade novels. One of those books being This Journal Belongs to Ratchet. I have a bit of an obsession with notebooks so when I saw the design for this book, I snatched up this baby like it was the last donut at the coffee shop. (If you've seen this book in person, then you know it resembles that of a notebook. It has lined pages and font that resembles handwriting.) I couldn't get enough of it. However, just because I loved the design of the book, did not mean I was going to love its content... I took a risk with this read... and I am glad I did!

The writing style for this book is phenomenal. In fact, I don't think I've ever read a book quite like this. It takes writing prompts one might use in school and adapts it to the life of Ratchet, the main character. For example, Ratchet might have to write a poem and in that poem she will base it on what's going on in her life at that particular moment. Or maybe write a fantasy story using the people in her life as the main characters. It's a very creative way tell the story to children that's never boring and always innovative. It makes me want to write down some of these prompts so I can practice my writing a bit more!

The characters were all wonderful. Even the snotty kids were painfully enjoyable (if that makes any sense). Ratchet is a bright, loving, and cheerful girl that I loved reading about. I wanted to see her grow from who she was at the beginning to who she became towards the end, as this story is pretty much her coming-of-age story. She develops a friendship with a boy named Hunter that doesn't seem force at all. Her relationship with her father is among the best relationships I have read in a book in a long time. Her father is slightly odd but that's what makes him special to her. I don't want to say anything else about it because this book is about that. It's about the relationships Ratchet makes throughout the story and how she comes to terms with who she is and I feel that it is something the reader should discover for themselves.

I highly recommend you read this book. It's cute, fun, endearing, and teaches everyone a lesson in morals, relationships, and life. It's easy to understand. There's a plot about saving a park. Tells you how not to judge a book by its cover. There's just... so many things that are wonderful about this book that I cannot stress enough. I really had a lot of fun reading this book and I think you will, too. But don't take my word for it. Read it and decide for yourselves. (But it really is a great book!)