Friends: Stories About New Friends, Old Friends, And Unexpectedly True Friends - Ann M. Martin, Jennifer L. Holm, Pam Muñoz Ryan, David Levithan, Walter Dean Myers, Virginia Euwer Wolff, Patricia McCormick, Tanuja Desai Hidier, Rachel Cohn, Patrick Jennings This is the first anthology I have ever read and let me tell you, I am glad that I picked this up. It's such an emotional collections of stories about children and the friendships they make during their life. It's such a relief to read a book directed towards friendships. Just friendships. Most books today are about romance and action and what have you. There's not enough to go on about the friendships people share with others. It's amazing!

All of the stories here have a lesson to teach you about the people you choose to make friends with. I enjoyed every single one of the stories. My least favorite was Patricia McCormick but that's only because I can't stand girls who are clones. However, it serves a purpose and it teaches you a valuable lesson and I appreciate the story being included in this anthology.

My favorites are of Ann M. Martin, Rachel Cohn, and my all-time favorite is David Levithan. They each had a very different view on how friendships are and are so in-depth with what they write that you can't help but love what's being given to the reader. I love their stories and their style of writing. It left me breathless and wanting more. I really think they did a wonderful job in getting the meaning of friendship across to the reader.

This is an amazing anthology! I love everything about it. The stories were easy to follow and well thought out and... man! I am in awe at it! I defintely think you should check this book out. Especially if you want to try a something different in the YA field. Besides, it's just nice to see what true firendship is all about and not that false cookie-cut-out you see in most YA novels. Read this book. You will love it.