A Great and Terrible Beauty  - Libba Bray This book is truly amazing. At the beginning of the book, I really did think that I was going to hate it. The fact is, the opening of the book was just annoying. Gemma, the main character, was just a whining little brat which made me think that I was not going to like this story one bit. However, that all changes after that first chapter! Which, I am glad to say, is a HUGE relief!

The plot to this story was just astounding. I found myself being captured into the would that Libba Bray created. It's so new to me and I love how it was set in the Victorian era. Although, I will admit, that some parts annoyed me. Like how women shouldn't have an opinion and must serve their husbands with whatever they see fit. >_< It really got under my skin. I understand it's important to make the story more engaging but I hate it when the women must take the backseat to the men. But like I said, it was necessary for the setting of the book.

I love the magic and the supernatural aspect of the book. It made it that much more interesting and you get to see how things would have been like if the Victorian era had girls with these abilities. It intrigues me so much and I wish I could have powers just like Gemma and just go to a beautiful paradise and just stay there... AND NOT BE STUPID ABOUT IT!

Which brings me to the next subject. The characters. I must say that the characters are not the best part of this book. They are all very shallow and selfish characters. Gemma is annoying in some parts though out of the four, she is the least terrible. Felicity has her cool moments but can be very bratty and even selfish. Pippa... she's pathetic. Only wants to be in love and is very shallow when it comes to beauty. Ann is another one that gets on my nerves. She is so stupid and even goes with the flow, as if she doesn't have a mind of her own. Kartik, Gemma's "love interest" is cool but sometimes a prick. I really don't like these characters.

There's only one character that I like and that's Hester Moore. Miss Moore is so epic! Let me tell you! She is intelligent and doesn't let anyone put her down. She actually does not give into petty mediocre things about the life she lives. She's ahead of her time but I think that's what makes her so charming. The fact that she doesn't agree with her world and shows no shame in speaking her mind appeals to me in such a way that I wish I could have seen more of her. (I have a feeling I will~ *Winks*)

Anyway, despite the fact that the characters are not the best, they do get better as the novel progresses. By the end of it, you can actually handle having them in the book, though they still have some kinks to work out. This novel is definitely woth the read though! The plot makes it so and so does the magical elements. I really think you should check it out!