Trouble Down South and Other Stories - Katrina Parker Williams Wow! Amazing! Simply amazing! But of course I knew it would be ever since I laid my eyes on it during a GoodReads FirstReads giveaway! Unfortunately, I didn't win the giveaway much to my displeasure. However, Katrina Parker Williams, author of Trouble Down South and Other Stories, was kind enough to give me an eBook copy of her book and I appreciate it so very much! And, after reading this book, I am SO glad she did! This book is so emotional, so detailed, so well researched that it simply left me in awe!

Katrina Parker Williams has a fantastic writing style! She has a way with language that I rarely see in books. Some of her structure when writing is very lyrical, it makes you feel as if you are there with the slaves, hurting and starving and crying that you will, in fact, start to cry. At least, I did. I could tell Ms. Williams did her homework on this! Every single short story was loaded down with facts from the time period of the war and when slaves was the common norm of our society. In most books that deals with slaves, they don't go into the history about it. They just state that the white men used to beat on their black slaves which always annoyed me because I wanted to know more than just that. In Ms. Williams book, you get the history, you get the education of what really happened during those times. I was very impressed to see that a lot of what was written really was taken from our history and not just focused on just the violence itself.

I really enjoyed how you get the history on when the Native Americans were over run by the European settlers and on the Vietnam War. I studied a lot on the Vietnam War recently and I know that during those times, people who enlisted to assist in that war and then returned home, were shunned because a lot of the evils that took place then. Imagined what it would have been like for colored soldiers... it couldn't have been pretty... and that was shown particularly in one of the short stories. It was so depressing how some of these people were treated. I was crying for many who were treated unfairly so much that I wish I could have jumped into the book and help them in any way I could! That's not to say all the stories are sad. There's this one particular one that was covered in sugary sweetness! I really loved that one completely! The relationship between the two characters, seeing them fall in love, was just a touching moment in the book. I thought it was a good mix into the other stories that focused on the depression, heartache, and strife.

All the characters in this book are very memorable. They worked hard for what they believed in and even when they knew they had no options left, they kept their heads held high and worked it out to the best of their abilities. My favorite character was Buford Tee because he was so persistant and strong and... he had a potty-mouth... I like people with potty-mouths! I must warn readers that this book has some mature content so you might not want to let younger readers read this until they are at least fourteen or fifteen years of age. However, since this book is highly educational for that time period, it can benefit anyone wanting to learn from it. Anyway, back to characters... a lot of these characters' stories end in a cliffhanger! Their stories can definitely be expanded on. Here's to hoping Ms. Williams continues in their endeavours! *Crosses fingers*

To sum up all my gushing about this book, it's awesome! Purely amazing and great! I really enjoyed this read quite a lot. It had so many things that kept this book deep, dark, light, and meaningful. It helps you to better understand what life was like during times of slavery, war, and even freedom. Not everything comes simply... but nothing everything comes at a price. My point, read this book. It'll help you grow as a person and understand that hatred among others really amount to nothing in the end. It's all about what you learn and what you do with that knowledge in order to better improve yourself. Excellent book, Katrina! I commend you on a job well done! Five stars!!!