Marvel Adventures Thor: Bringers of the Storm - Louise Simonson, Louise Simonson, Jeff Parker, Todd Dezago, Rodney Buchemi, John Buran, Leonard Kirk, Ron Lim This was officially the very first comic I have ever read when it comes to Thor... or any of the Avengers for that matter. I was never a big fan of any type of super heroes story and, in many way, I am still not a huge fan. Growing up, my older brother tried to get me into the super hero franchise but... I was more interested in Barbies. What can I say? I was a real girly girl. However, now that I am older, I DO have an interest in super heroes, especially when it comes to Thor... or more specifically, his brother, Loki. Okay, so Loki is not a hero. He's a villain. But he's such a fascinating character that I can't help but love him. Anyway, long story short, I went to the library, saw this comic, knew Loki would be in it, and decided that it would be worth the read.

And I was right! I LOVED this comic. It was so good. Yes, it is geared towards a younger audience than what most people are used to... but it being my first super hero graphic novel, I cannot complain. I love the artwork, the fact that there are multiple stories in this one volume, and we even get to see more back story than I was expecting. There are even more Avengers in here, too! Wolverine, Spider Man, Giant Girl, Storm, Hulk, and Captain America. I shrieked with joy! I'm still shrieking! It was just so good! My only complaint about the entire comic was the fact that it got down right silly at times. The Frost Giants? Singing? Are you kidding me? Not to mention there were parts that were beyond cheesy. But hey... it's for kids. Parts of it are bound to be cheesy whether you want it to or not. Oh well, at least I got to have fun with shipping ideas~ Thank you, Marvel! XD

In short, I think you should pick up this book. Yes, it's for kids, but you might have fun with it anyway. I think any Marvel fan can have fun with it... even if they only use it to make fun of the silly parts. I'm glad I read this. It gave me a peek into what a Marvel comic looks like. Perhaps not in its totality but pretty close to it. I will be keeping a look out for any more Marvel graphic novels when I go to the library. Reading this just made me crave MORE! So give this books a read! You might end up liking it!