Vampire Cheerleaders vol. 1 - Adam Arnold, Shiei, Comipa This is a manga that, from the beginning, I knew I wasn't going to like it. It was bland, stupid, mediocre, and I swear I am going to lose it if I get another ridiculous pop culture reference just so the manga could seem more "interesting." I have never hated a manga so much as I do this one. And if I ever did, it's not coming to mind. After reading this, I'm surprised I can keep functional enough to write out a review. There was nothing worthwhile about this. I mean, vampire cheerleaders who only wanted to have sex and a goth chick with a sister who turned into a werewolf and also wants to have sex because she's a "bitch in heat?" Seriously, Adam Arnold, if you wanted to write porn than do so! Don't come up with such pathetic attempts to make a manga out of shit.

The artwork is nice. Well, the first half anyway. Shiei, the artist who drew Vampire Cheerleaders, did a fantastic job. I love how smooth the artwork was and I love how gorgeous many of the scenes looked... even if most of it was in a building. Shiei's art was beautiful to look at and that's about the only positive thing I can say about this book. Comipa, on the other hand, the artist who drew Paranormal Mystery Squad (P.M.S. being it's acronym... yeah, stupid, I know), did a rather lousy job. Her artwork seemed so sloppy. Everything was cluttered together and it was difficult to make out what was going on. Not to mention I did not enjoy how the characters were drawn. They looked like they were all stoned... but considering they were all cardboard cut-outs of what characters should be with no personalities whatsoever... maybe that was intentional. In short, not a fan of Comipa's art style.

Not even going to dive real deep into the characters because all of the females (and I am not exaggerating when I say ALL) are just a bunch of stereotypes (being popular, being bitchy, being stupid, etc.) who just thought about getting laid. Somethings thinking about blood. Basically, the characters blew.

I am not sure if you would still want to read this manga after I bashed the living hell out of it but if you are curious enough, go ahead. You... might... like it... I guess... I wouldn't hold my breath, though. Check it out of the library first. Because... I don't think you would want to add this to your collection. There's another volume after this but I am NOT going to read it. I can't put myself through anymore crap. Ugh! I am going to go clean my brain out with comics that are worth my time. I advise you to do the same once you are done with this... whatever THIS is.