Princess Tutu: Volume 2 - Ikuko Itoh Oh... this manga... I can't even begin to tell you the disappointment I have in this manga. I read the first one thinking that it was going to be amazing since I love the anime so much... but it wasn't. It was... meh. Nothing special and I had my problems with some of the character designs... but at least it was still an okay read. This one? Oh, God... why!? Why would you do this to a series like Princess Tutu? It just makes no sense! The amount of fanservice used, the way the completely obliterate one of my favorite characters, and dismiss the other is insulting. I'm not going to rage too much about this volume because a lot of what I said in the first volume could be transferred over to this. However, I will mention the few things that apply to this volume solely.

First, the art. I already said it was beautiful and all that and I even said how I HATED Edel's new character design... BUT! I just wanted to say that I was right about her being the villain and that the predictability to this manga is just... pathetic. Ugh! What upsets me most is how the heck the mangaka can apologize for making her in such a way... yet chooses for her to wear such a horrible skimpy outfit? It's so frustrating!

Speaking of skimpy outfits, the amount of fanservice in this volume... God, just shoot me now! Okay... I'm not a prude. I am not someone who complains about girls huge boobs taking up my screen whenever I watch an anime. That doesn't bother me really. I am used to it seeing as how a huge percentage of anime creators are men. Do I like it? No. Do I mind? Not really. Like I said, I am not a pride. However, when you take a series like Princess Tutu, that's filled with little girls (the main one being only 13 years old) and have them "transform" with "suggestive" expressions on their faces or have them be completely naked without any good reason other than for the viewer's "enjoyment," I have a HUGE problem with it. Dude, there's a scene that's HIGHLY pornographic even with two girls on top of each other, one of them completely nude. I do NOT enjoy seeing that at all. It's basically child pornography. It's disgusting.

If that alone wasn't bad enough, the ending to the manga is so cliche and anti-climatic, you will be screaming why you wasted your time on something like this. It's not satisfying. Nothing changed! That's what upsets me the most! NOTHING CHANGES!!! Everything is the same from when you first start reading the manga. Not to mention they completely toss aside another of my favorite characters, Fakir. It's as if the mangaka said, "Nope! He ruins my ship. Get rid of him!" because it is painfully obvious that the managka would have liked to see Ahiru end up with Mytho in the end of the anime. Painfully obvious. *Groans* What a let down this manga was. The only reason it gets a two is because I liked the art and some story elements were okay.

If you are a fan of the anime, don't read this. It's just going to upset you and make you want to burn things. Trust me. If you haven't seen the anime, then read the manga... if child pornography and poor plot development is your thing. If none of this appeals to you, then skip it all together. You won't be missing much. Just watch the anime. It's a lot more satisfying than this. And if you want to see Fakiru happen, watch the promotional video... it's WAY more satisfying than this crap ever will be. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go bleach out my brain.