The Rules of Survival - Nancy Werlin A quick read. I picked this book up after reading Impossible by Nancy Werlin. I thought that since I loved so many other of her books, I might as well go ahead and pick up another book she has written. Let me start off by saying, I love her writing style. She knows how to write a book. Also, this is a regular ficiton novel whereas Impossible had some fantasy elements to it. I really like this book. It was a calm reading book despite the fact the mother was a crazy loon. XD However, this is not my favorite out of her books. Some of the characters fell flat for me and the ending made me say, "What? That's it? Well... okay then." Which isn't something I like to say after I finish reading. All-in-all, it was an okay book. I am still going to read her other ones but this one was just okay. I still think you should pick it up and have a look for yourselves.