Going Bovine - Libba Bray This book is so... wow. There's so much going on that you have to really take the time and read everything carefully otherwise, you will not be able to understand anything that is going on. This read was a bit slow for me but I stuck through it and it was definitely worth it. Once you get towards the middle of the book, it starts icking up and you see what Libba Bray is trying to portray.

As always, Bray's writing style is just amazing. I love the way she forms her stories though this one is WAY different from her Gemma Doyle series. There's some more mature content in this book but that doesn't affect the overall meaning to it all. I love the thought provoking substance Bray is trying to convey to the reader about the bigger things in life through the smaller things. I love the philosophy of it all. This book is indeed very unique. None out there like this one.

The characters are all epic. Cameron, the lead, was at first just another delinquent at school. I didn't much care for him but as the book progresses, he starts growing to a much more memorable and lovable character. He has become one of my favorite male protagonists! Gonzo, just like Cameron, annoyed me at first. He was way too "safe" and not daring enough and his massive amounts of phobias just got on my nerves. But, just like Cameron, he grew and became a very well-developed character. Then there's Dulcie who is Cameron's love-interest (Not a spoiler. Let's you know from the beginning) is this kick-ass punk-angel and I love how she's all cryptic and not willing to share anything with Cameron. She just lets him figure things out because she wants him to learn. Yeah she was amazing. Balder is my abosolute favorite, though. He was so badass and smart and just a very cool character. The book really starts to pick up after he is introduced! Love him!

To wrap everything up, the book is very though provoking and worth the read. Yes, it is slow at the beginning but I promise you that it starts to pick up and you will see so many trippy things and well-though-out things and things that just freak you out that you are going to be for one hell of a ride. You will not be disappointed. If you like thinking about the "meaning of life" and what have you then I really think you are going to love this book. Bray is an awesome writer so check it out! Though be warn that this is NOTHING like her Gemma Doyle Trilogy! Just saying!