The Adoration of Jenna Fox - Mary E. Pearson This was a very good book. I really enjoyed the read. I remember wanting to read this because it was a dystopian novel and I have a soft spot for dystopian. It also had a lot of sci-fi elements in it as well which is fine by me since that is another genre that I adore. Mary E. Pearson did not disappoint with this novel of hers.

The plot was focused mostly on the origins of Jenna Fox. There's not a lot of action and most of it is just trying to solve the puzzle as to who or what Jenna is. It also delves into a society that's ruled by bio-engineering and how it can both help and detroy life. Pearson did a fabulous job in writing out this story. Her writing style was absolutely amazing! I love how at times it seems simple and then it becomes more complex as it makes one question what is going on. This novel is thought-provoking and you do question whether you would be happy living in a world where these experiments are part of your everyday life.

The only thing I saw as a minor setback with this book was the characters. They are not very well-developed and you don't get to know much about them in the process. In fact, besides Jenna, you really don't know much about anyone. You find out a bit about Allys and how she got in the condition that she's in, but everyone else? Nothing! Ethan, her love interest, says a sentence about his past... and then that's it. That's another thing that annoyed me. This whole "relationship" Jenna and Ethan shared came out of no where. There was no base for it. No substance. Just came out of the blue. Quite annoying really. I just wished that the characters could have been explored more. Especially when it came to both Gabriel and Dane. I still don't know who they are and I read the book.

All-in-all, it was still a very good book. Like I said, the writing style is amazing, the plot was solid, the messages trying to be portrayed is thought-provoking, and I quite enjoyed it. If the characters had more depth to them, I'm pretty sure I would have LOVED this book. It's still worth the read and I definitely think dystopian and sci-fi buffs should check it out.