Cut - Patricia McCormick This book is very powerful. The subject matter makes one really think about certain issues that most people seem to think that it's brought on by the person themselves when in reality it's about everything that one person is experiencing. I picked up this book wanting to read a book about cutting/anorexia and I was not disappointed in this novel. I really liked how everything wasn't sugar-coated and you were able to see completely inside the mind of the main character.

Patricia McCormick did an amazing job in her debut novel. It is very evident that she did an enormous amount of research with the subject in question. She also has a nice writing style. It's so easy to follow and very smooth. I found that it can also be lyrical and very moving! She writes in a way that can bring a tight emotion into you, especially if you have experience with the issue at hand.

Now, there is a flaw in this book that kept me from fully enjoying it. Considering that it's a very short book, you don't get too much details about the characters. You don't know much about them. You only find out about the problem they have; never fiding out what brought on those problems. Even Callie, the main character; you don't get much about her background information. The other girls in the asylum never reveals what brought on why they have anorexia or anger management issues. You get subtle hints but then that's it. I understand that a lot of the issues are heavy to deal with but I would have liked to know the characters better. Especially Tiffany.

At least the plot is somewhat solid. McCormick gets her point across of what it's like for cutters and helps us understand why they end up causing themselves such pain. However, there's not much said about Callie's situation that helps us completely know why she cuts herself. I was disappointed to see that she didn't really come out and say what was bothering her. It's kind of just left out into the open for you to figure out. It's not hard to figure it out... but I would have enjoyed it better is she said it herself.

Despite all this, I still think this book is worth the read. It's a very powerful book and if someone is looking for a decent book about cutting, trying to understand a little bit about the subject without getting too overwhelmed by it, then I think they should pick up this book. However, if you are looking for something very heavy and in-depth details about it, then I suggest you look elsewhere. At least pick it up to get introduced to it. You might actually like it! Check it out!