Uglies - Scott Westerfeld This book is so fantastic! I always used to hear great things about Scott Westerfeld and his Uglies series but I never knew just how amazing it could be! Seriously, I got into this series just to see what the hype was all about and I am SO glad that I did! It is filled with adventure, action, the works! This is my first Westerfeld book and I can already say with all the confidence in the world that he has now become one of my favorite authors!

Westerfeld's writing is phenomenal! He knows how to tell a story. His ideas are so unique and interesting. It keeps the reader hooked into the world of the Uglies, Pretties, and Specials. His knowledge of words are beyond what most writers incorporate into their stories. I love how he describes scenery and he never stays on one topic for too long or too short a time. He doesn't stay on one topic for page upon page upon page and I like that. Sometimes an author talks about a table for like thirty pages when it could be said in just one sentence. However, thankfully, Scott Westerfeld does no such thing and I appreicate his writing all the more for it.

As I was saying before, his idea to write this novel was simply amazing! He really thought through everything carefully and you can just tell there's so much meaning behind everything he wrote down in this book. There's subliminal messages throughout the entire novel and it makes it that much more of an interesting read. Those messages are there without trying to force them down your throat! I felt the way he conveyed his message was executed efficiently and effectively. Also, the idea of how normal civilization was destroyed is so unique; I just hope that never happens for real... I like my brain! XD

On to characters. The characters in this book were just awesome! None of them annoyed me or made me feel indifferent. The characters you were meant to love, you loved and the ones you were meant to hate, you hated. For me, however, I didn't hate any of the characters. At first, I thought a few of them were shallow but as the book progresses and you find out what really is going on, you can't really find yourself hating any of the characters. Tally was a very strong female lead but what I love most about her was she wasn't like most YA female leads: Dying to be "together" with her "best friend." She cared for him but wasn't falling all over him like some pathetic whimp. David was pretty cool, too, even though there was a part where I thought he was a total guy. You know what I mean? Where he didn't think how he might hurt a girl's feelings? Yeah... a guy.

Shay was my favorite character. She's Tally's best friend and she was the first one out of the two who wanted to rebel against the Specials. She had so much fire in her that she didn't let society brainwash her into thinking she was ugly. I love her spunk! The only thing I found a bit disappointing about her was how she reacted when she found out her feelings for someone wasn't returned. It was a bit childish. Anyway, I can rant and rave about all the characters in this book because I do love them all but I'm just going to talk about one more. Dr. Cable. She was the main villian here. She's not in the book too much but when she appears, she has this authority of her that makes you want to stare in awe. And she knew just how to get what she wanted, pulling the right strings to make her prey cave. I really like her and I am looking forward to seeing a little more of her in future installments!

In short, this book is just epic! It is one of the greatest book I have read so far this year! I am sad that I haven't read this book sooner but I am not disappointed in reading this now! This is only the first book in the series but I can say that this has been one of the best dystopian books I have ever read! Seriously! You should ALL go out and buy this book because it belongs in everyone's collection! That's right BUY it! You won't regret it! Amazing book! Can't wait to read more of Westerfeld's works!