Extras - Scott Westerfeld And it's over... I'm so sorry to watch it end... or read it END rather... WHATEVER! I really enjoyed this series. It was so unique and well-thought out and just... AWESOME! I am so amazed at this dystopian world that Scott Westerfeld created for his readers. And to tell you the truth, I enjoyed this one a lot more because it has so many things that interest me on a personal level.

Westerfeld's writing is still wonderful as always. You don't need me telling you how much I love his descriptions of the world he has created over and over and over again. So instead, I'll tell you certain aspects of this book that I like. For example, and the biggest improvement I saw was, Aya. Aya is such a better character than Tally was. At first, her obsession with fame was a little blah... but then she gets better and doesn't come off as such a snob as Tally did in all the other books. The next thing I love was the Japanese culture intertwined with this novel. I love Japan. I adore Japan. To see the culture, language, and customs of my most favorite country in this book, just made it that much more epic. That "face rank" was an interesting concept, too!

On to characters! As you know, the new female lead is Aya Fuse. She was simple-minded at the beginning of the book but I did see her grow after a while which was nice and she wasn't so stuck-up like Tally was. Speaking of, I really don't like Tally! I can't believe how much I hate her! I loved her so much at the beginning of the series but she just turned into some self-centered bimbo! She thinks she's better than everyone just because she's some super-human being. Also, what the hell was up with her and the bashing of the Japanese culture? I felt like beating the snot out of her for that! Little stupid... Ugh!

Anyway... Frizz is Aya's love interest but interestingly enough, he's not the male lead. I felt that Hiro, Aya's brother, was more of the male lead. Frizz kinda... got in the way most of the time. Although his outbursts of honesty was hilarious enough. I didn't care too much about him but he didn't get on my nerves. Hiro was just awesome. He had a bit of an attitude but I like that about him. He had a caring side that balanced him out enough to make me really like him. He was also intelligent, as was his friend, Ren. Ren can tear apart any mechanical device. He's a tech-head... and I find that he's cute. He had some adorable scenes in the book. Moggle (I swear! I kept reading Moogle! I need to stop playing Final Fantasy! XD) is Aya's hovercam and I love that little bugger! He's so amazing! I want one now! The Cutters make an appearance here as well but not enough to make a great impact. And, of course, Andrew made an appearance! I love that man! I want to hug him... even if he is dirty! Too bad he appears at the very END of the book! Not fair! I wanted more Andrew! >_<<br/>
Anyway, my minor fangirlyness aside, I really recommend this series for EVERYONE!!! Especially dystopian lovers! It is truly an amazing series and I think that anyone can enjoy these amazing books. They have a lot of action, loads of suspense, drama beyond belief, and a bit of romance in there (even though I felt that Aya and Frizz's romance was a bit rushed). I think you should definitely check them out. They are such fun reads and it makes you really wonder where humanity is headed for.