Specials - Scott Westerfeld I so do love this series so much! I cannot hate it one bit! Each book is so different and they draw out so many things that it just makes things seem so much more dark. It makes you realize that situations where the government controls everything, it could end up being very scary indeed. This book kept me wanting to turn the page and see what would happen next even though I was angry throughout most of the book because of how Tally was acting. More on that later.

Scott Westerfeld is a brilliant author. I really do like his writing style and his use of imagery. It's so easy to follow and yet so complex at times! His story is very unique and well-thought out. He knows how to write action, suspense, and drama. Also, he's thrown a few twists in there that I didn't see coming which was a very nice change. In the two previous books, I was able to predict what was going to happen but in this one, I had no clue! Westerfeld is a genius at his craft!

There really aren't any new characters in this one. However, with the main character constantly changing, you feel like she is someone completely different. Tally really got under my skin in this book. Where in the first one she was cool, the second one she was annoying, this one you just felt like killing her. It was THAT bad! I wanted to strangle her throughout the book because she just was not trying to think for herself! And I know why she was acting that way. It wasn't really her fault, just people messing with her brain but that didn't make her anymore likable! Seriously, I wanted to reach inside the book and murder her! Especially after what she did to Zane!

Speaking of, I love Zane. He's so adorable and loving and cute, I just want to squeeze him. He remains my second favorite character out of the entire series. David returns here, too. Although I don't like him as much as Zane, he's still a good character and the only act of being prick he did was back in book one and he's come a long way since then. Andrew, that cutie holy man, was in the book also... for like a second... which disappointed me but I was glad to see that he was now learning and seeing the truth with the world surrounding him. Shay... she was still annoying throughout the first half of the book but then she returns to her cool self! You know? The way she was in book one! So, she's okay in my opinion. Now, my favorite character of all time!!! Dr. Cable! I so love this woman! She's amazing! I love how evil she is and how she always manages to trick Tally. It pleases me to no end! God, I love her!

This series is just awesome with sauce! I truly recommend everyone reading it at least once! Although I didn't care too much for the ending of this one, I still think that this is worth the read. I've really come to love and care for the characters and the story. You just want to keep reading to find out what happens! I am so looking forward to the final book in the series! I say go pick this book up now! You might just like it!