Pretties - Scott Westerfeld So this was the sequeal to Uglies... it was just as awesome as the first! I really did enjoy this book. It is so thought-provoking and... a little scary. I mean, can you really imagine a world where you're not allowed to think for yourself? That really freaks me out. I happen to like my brain, thank you very much. I won't have anyone probing my brain with lesions or nanos or whatever! Stay out of my head!!!

Ahem... anyway... Scott Westerfeld did an amazing job with this novel as well. I love his writing. It's different from most writers and might be a tad bit difficult to understand if you are not paying attention since he uses words that we wouldn't normally use to describe certain things. I must say that I did find "Pretty talk" to be a bit annoying at times but that's the entire point! Pretties are airheaded and shallow that they would talk with words like "bubbly" or "fashion-missing" and the like. But Westerfeld's writing is still great. I love how he describes scenes and I'm just really glad he wrote this book.

The characters are pretty much the same except for a few new ones. Tally didn't change. She's strong and willing to fight a greater organization in order to be free. One complaint I had about her that I didn't from the first book is that she was really stupid. I don't mean that because she's pretty now, I mean she was really stupid. There were some things that she did in this book that made no sense! She shouldn't have done them and she always seems to drag everyone down with her. In the first book it was forgivable to be ignorant but in this one? No. I felt she was being stupid just to be stupid. I don't like her as much in this book. Neither do I like Shay as much. I felt that she was really selfish and really unreasonable. I understand why she would be upset but did she really have to go so far? Seriously, these two had so much promise in the first book. In this one, they just got under my skin.

But the rest of the characters made up for it! Zane is a new character and I really did like him. At first, I felt that he was only using Tally to make himself more "bubbly" (read the book and you will know what this term means) but then I saw that there was a genuine caring for her. He was really strong, brave, and willing to risk everything, even his own life, to be free and that's something that I admire a lot. Although... I still feel that David is a better candidate for Tally. David has something that Zane doesn't. I feel that it might be a realness since he knows about the world outside the city. I don't know... I like both boys but... I'll stick with David. Actually... wait... I remember how David was like in the first book and he totally ditch Shay for Tally... what a prick. Nevermind. Zane is a whole lot better! At least he was up front about liking her and not being with anyone else for that. Yeah. Zane is my pick. XD

Andrew is another new character. He's part of this tribe and has been secluded from much of the world. He does not appear a whole lot in this book but when he does, you see a very intelligent man, willing to learn about his world's tyranny even though his surrounding areas teach him to believe otherwise. He really hit a core with me and I did very much enjoy his character. Dr. Cable makes an appereance again... and I must say... I love this woman. She's so deliciously evil! She always gets what she wants and is always twenty steps ahead of Tally. She can trick her without much effort and is hardly ever phased when something doesn't go according to plan. And even when she stumbles, she managaes to get right back up again. After seeing how she is in both the first and second book, Dr. Cable is now my new favorite character! Shay can go shove it for all I care. CABLE ALL THE WAY, BABY!!!

Seriously, I love this book/series! It is so creative and mind-blowing that I cannot get it out of my head! Even with the few setbacks involving two characters, I feel that this series is so worth the read. There's so much action and suspense along with a bit of romance. There's something for everyone! I enjoy it a lot and cannot wait to read the next book in the series! All dystopian fans will love to read this book! It is so worth your time! Just ignore the Stupids and you will be fine! XD