Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson, Donna Diamond In the end... I gave it four stars. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a sad story. Seriously, though. This book puts so much depression in me... It's so heart breaking and beautiful and, even though I hate how Paterson has similar messages about losing hope and how life sucks and we must deal with it, I can't help but enjoy this story a bit. You'll understand after I say this next word: Leslie. (More on this later) I'm not a huge fan of this type of story but for Leslie, I'll make an exception.

Katherine Paterson is not my favorite writer. There are times when I feel she leaves out huge chunks of the story because she has the bad habit of moving from one scene to the next without transitons. However, in this book, there weren't as many of those as there was in Sign of the Chrysanthemum In that novel, the transitions were so bad, you had to re-read paragraphs to understand what was going on. In Bridge to Terabithia, she actually bothered to write out full scenes! Thank God! I couldn't stand having to re-read sentences to follow the story. There were still parts where she did this but at least there were only a few. She still has a good grasp of language which is a nice plus. (Also, she used this analogy, "fat lazy white cloud," that makes me giggle to no end! X3)

The story itself was beautiful, I'm not going to lie. I love how Paterson took these two children who had absolutely nothing going for them, put them together, and made them dream of a beautiful world of their own. I'm a huge supporter of daydreaming and imagination so reading this book reminded me of myself when I was a child (and of the me today... haven't dropped the habit of daydreaming). I loved how Terabithia was decribed to be such a magical place for these two children to get away from the everyday norms there life-style brings to them. It was simply amazing and I can't believe I'm going to say this but... I congratulate Paterson for doing a great job on this aspect!

Now my favorite part of the review: The characters! God, I hate some of these characters in this book! Jesse's family were a bunch of pricks! His sisters, minus May Belle, were so prissy and full of it and a whole bunch of words that I can't say but would like to!!! I couldn't stand Brenda and Ellie! I was hoping their mother would grow a spine and beat the crap out of them! God knows they need it! Mrs. Aarons, their mother, was so grumpy but didn't know how to stand up to her daughters! BAH! Janice Avery, bully from school, was a pain at first but she got better so I like her. Now to the characters I like. Jesse's father was a good dad, I think. He seems cool! Jesse, main character, was at first an ass but after he met Leslie, he grew into such a sweet boy. He had his selfish moments but what ten-year-old boy wouldn't? May Belle was adorable. She might have come across as a pest to some but she was just a sweet curious little girl. Leslie... oh Leslie... I love you. I shall always love you for being kickass and epic and just plain awesome! You are the one that saved this book for me. If it weren't for you (And Miss Edmunds! She was such a wonderful teacher!), I wouldn't have enjoyed this book as much.

As you can all see, I like this book because of Leslie, Miss Edmunds, and the world of Terabithia. But if those elements weren't there, I would have hated it because it was just too depressing. I'm not entirely sure why Paterson writes such sad stories but... I guess that's just her thing. I really hate feeling sad and hopeless and since most of her books are like that, even if the ending leaves you with a note saying the characters will be fine, it's still too much for me to bare. *Shrugs* I guess I like my stories to have happy endings because real life is just no fun. XD Anyway, this is a pretty good novel. Just be aware that it's tragic, there's things about religion which you may or may not agree with, and there are quite a lot of characters here that just sucks. -_-" I give my approval of this one! Decent work Paterson!