Coraline - Neil Gaiman This is such a good book! I couldn't get enough of this book. The first time I read it was back in September and I just had to re-read it! I love this book because of the creepy elements to it. It's so much fun and exciting! There's never a dull moment and the illustrations that are within the book make you feel that much more involved in the story; the freakish visuals just add more to the haunting feeling to the book.

Neil Gaiman knows how to write a scary story. He doesn't need the mediocre elements of blood and gore in order to send chills down your spine. He has the right touch to tell a scary story without giving children nightmares. Actually... *Thinks back to a few of the scenes in the book* ...uh... nevermind. I'm sure a few kids will be scared... BUT!!! His main goal is meant to scare not scar the children! His writing style is very simple. Not at all difficult to understand. My only complaint is that the story was short. He could have expanded in some areas so the reader can get a better picture of the world and the going-ons of it. I love the sroty, yes. I just wanted to see more!

Dave McKean is amazing! Such a talented artist! The illustrations in this book is among my favorites in any book I have ever seen! Now, if the story itself doesn't scare the crap out of you, you can surely bet that the pictures will! They are not heavily detailed but because they are so distorted, it adds to the fear element of the book! There is one picture in particular that really freaked me out! (It's on page 68... that thing is so hideous! I love it! XD) Seriously, a great artist for a book so... *Shivers*

The two worlds in this novel are great. The normal world, our world, is big and beautiful and... boring. However, the Other World, is exciting, spooky, and evil. I love how everything is mirrored from the real world but twisted into a more macabre version of themselves. What I enjoyed most about it is the Other Mother was the one who created this world out of nothing... even though it wasn't her "world" to begin with! I wish we got more history on how she came upon it but alas... no.

Speaking of the Other Mother, she was such a great villian! Twisted in a way that one might even sympathize with her. She only wants to love her toys. Is that so wrong? XD Yes. Yes it is. She was only interested in getting Coraline and everything else, well, she destroyed. I really liked her even if she was crazy. Coraline is my main example of a strong character! She was brave, strong, smart, fun, adventurous, and just about everything else I like in my female leads. She worked hard in trying to escape the Other Mother and getting her parents, as well as the other children, free from her evil grasp! Never once did she faltered, even when she felt scared, she overcame that fear and faced the Other Mother head-on! My kind of girl, Coraline is~ The other characters are great, too! Her parents are fun in their own rights... even if they are a bit neglectful! I think my favorite character is the black cat. He doesn't have a name but he's so sarcastic, has an attitude, and doesn't take any crap from anyone. I love any being who is like that. It matters not whether they be human or animal. I love you kitty! <3 Miss Spink, Miss Forcible, and Mr. Bobo are very eccentric... weird but intelligent. They seemed to be the only one, besides Coraline and the cat, who knew what was going on. Oh, and the rats.<br/>
I had fun re-reading this book. It was nice to see these characters again and how they interact with each other and the world they live in. I really do think this book should be read by adults and kids alike. It's a good scary book without any of the blood or gore. I do warn you that it's short and the writing might come across as juvenile but hey, it's a middle-grade book. It can't be too difficult for kids to read, you know? Besides, there's nothing wrong with reading a children's book every now and then. Sometimes... they are much better than most of the things written for adults. I would know... In short, READ THIS BOOK!