The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman Ah! What a great book! Everything about it: the story, the characters, the setting, the premise, everything! Everything about this book was absolutely amazing. I fell in love with Gaiman's story-telling abilities ever since I read and re-read Coraline. He just has a way of telling freaky stories that sucks this horror fanatic right in! I cannot wait to read more of his works!

Neil Gaiman's writing style is very unique. It is not like any you have seen that's in other novels. No, his style is very much his own. It's simplistic in a way you can fully grasp what is going on without having to re-read any passages. It might come across as difficult to some because of how he describes his enviornments but I think that it's just if you are not used to how different it is. After a while, it starts to flow much more smoothly and you don't need to focus on how it is being told. Not to mention I love his references to modern culture. The whole "manga" thing was just epic for me. All my fellow otakus will know what I'm talking about here.

Dave McKean's illustrations are down right freakish! I was expecting to see some scary drawings within this book because of his work on Coraline, but in this one, he makes his illustrations a lot more detailed and they just pop right out of the novel! It's so amazing how creepy he managed to make them in accordance to Gaiman's depictions of the world within the story. I have grown to love this duo and any other works they have I will be defintely checking out!

The story and characters were great! I love how there's so much magic and the macabre places a key role in this novel as well. Nobody Owens, A.K.A. Bod, was a fantastic lead! I love books who have male characters as the lead because they never seem to fall under "stupid" and "desperate." He was a very sweet boy who stood for what he believed in and never took things as "just is." He asked the right questions and did what he felt was right for him and the people he lived with. Silas was just amazing! I love how kind yet firm he was with Bod. His intelligence was amazing and I love how he never gave anyone a straight answer. There's a lot of mystery to him that, even by the end of the book, there's still much you do not know about him and I liked that aspect about him. Mr. and Mrs. Owens were dolls. Caring the way parents should be. They were wonderful for going out of their way to care for the boy. Miss Lupescu shall always be in my heart for being such a strong, pissy, no-nonsense, smart woman! Jack, villian, was a creep! He was sick in ways I can't even begin to tell you or else there will be spoilers. The only character I didn't care for was Scarlett. As a child she's so endearing but as she grows into a teen, she just turned into a selfish, whiny, spoiled little bitch... yeah, I hate her. Moving on!

I would say this book should be read by kids and adults alike. As long as you love the macabre, the mystery, and the all around awesomeness of Gaiman's stories, then this book is most likely for you! It's a shame that I couldn't give this book a five. I really did enjoy it but the ending just killed it for me. Not that it was a bad ending or anything, I just felt it ended too quickly with too many questions unanswered! I wanted to know more and I felt that ending it where it did was just abrupt and sloppy. Will I ever learn what happened to Silas? What about Bod? Will he be okay? Did Scarlett fall into a pit and was lost for all enternity? (God, I hope so!) Like I said, it was a great book... just the ending that's messed up. Give it a try! You may end up liking it!