Demon Diary, Vol. 06 - Kara, Lee Yun-Hee, Lee Yun Hee And so ends the sixth... I'm really getting quite happy and sad that I'm nearly done with this series. It is so good and to see myself nearing the end... it's a bit painful. I really hate finishing things because I get so sucked into what is going on that seeing it end makes me want to cry and say, "NO! Don't leave me!" But... I will continue and I will make it all the way through to the end. That's the least I can do for this amazing manga!

Why, hello again, Hee. It's nice to see you. I see you took a different approach in this volume. Nice way to balance it all out if you ask me. *Nods* Seriously, this volume is nothing but action! We get to see the true intentions behind Raenef IV's actions and then BAM! FIGHT SCENE! This entire volume was just, "I KICK YOUR ASS, MAN!!!" This one is definitely trying to reach out to action buffs. It's not my most favorite volume out of the series but it was nescessary and the characters, with their funny dialogue, still make it a very enjoyable read. <3 Kara... loose hair? Really? Now I know you're trying to make me fall madly in love with you and stalk you for the rest of time. You sick bastard... and what's with that expression? And the closeness? And the "THEY'RE GOING TO...?" moments? Damn you for making me want to eat up your artwork! Damn you!<br/>
Raenef... my... you have grown. You really have. You're so much more mature now... so much more wiser now... so much more... *Smiles* love. I know that the shounen-ai is not as heavy as it is in most manga but... I think that's what makes it all the more beautiful. It's not like "IN YOUR FACE" but it's still there and you can't help but smile. Eclipse did something that demons don't normally do and.. he expressed his love. OH THE BEAUTY OF HIM EXPRESSING IT! Some people might not find it amazing because it's not obvious but... I'm quite happy with how he chose to show it. I swear, the love between these two characters is a type of love that will never dim but rather keep growing into the wildest fire you have ever seen! I know it! I can feel it!

Chris and Erutis even get in the fight. Although... Chris is just slow and Eru is taken out early on account of Raenef IV keeping his promise to Krayon. Yeah, Krayon is like, "NO! Not my baby! Don't kill her!" And Eru is like, "Ew." XD These two are just so funny! X3 And I love how Meruhesae was teasing him about liking Eru! Adorable! And of course, there's Raenef IV. He's a character that's not too difficult to figure out. You know why he's doing the things he's doing, you sympathize with him, but you still want him to stop because you love all the other characters so much. Poor thing... he just wants power and Eclipse. Is that so much to ask? Even though he felt... forgotten... you got to see Eclipse showing signs that he still cared for him. It was very touching. Eclipse is just an all-around wonderful character. He will be mine one day. >:3

Ah, this manga... this manga just makes me want to eat a whole bunch of sugar because it makes me that happy! <3333 Man, I can't believe I'm up to the final volume already. It went by so fast. I wish it were longer just so I can rant and rave about how awesome this series is. I recommend it to everyone! You will fall in love with the characters the way I fell for them. You will crash and burn and shrivel up from all the cuteness that takes place. And you will want to keep this close to you forever and always! Now, if you'll excuse me. I have a final volume to re-visit and review to rave, yet again, about how this series is so worth your time. *Smiles* Come join me soon, won't you? <3