Demon Diary, Vol. 02 - Kara, Jee-Hyung Lee This book was amazing! I am so hooked to this series! I know this is my sixth time reading it but I remember when I first started collecting it back in 2003 that I was super excited to read through the entire series! The author may have been changed from the one who wrote the first volume but it still manages to continue where the first one left off. It was funny, entertaining, and very informative. I do so love this manga. It has everything I've ever loved a manga having!

As I said earlier, Lee Yun Hee isn't the original author. However, she did a wonderful job in picking up the story where it left off and expanding on it. The humor is much the same as are the characters so you don't really notice the difference in author change. She even went as far as to show more background information on Eclipse and Raenef which you didn't get in the first volume. You see how they met and how Raenef came about to being a demon lord. Just seeing their history was a joy! She even introduced more characters and, let me tell you, it is so worth seeing them come to life! They are so hilarious and loving but more on that later. Kara still has it down! Her art style is so beautiful! I can stay staring at her background images for a very long time. And her characters? They are one of the most gorgeous people to ever set themselves on the scene of manga. I want to marry Eclipse, that's how hot he is! (And because he reminds me of someone I care deeply for but... we won't get into that...)

Characters! I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THE SMEXY AWESOME PEOPLE!!! Raenef is just too adorable for words! In this volume you see him slowly grow from being a clutz... to wanting to become a much better demon lord to not disappoint Eclipse anymore. Though he doesn't really improve much, the sentiment of him wanting to take his role seriously is there and you just hope he is able to learn new abilities. You hope he is able to please Eclipse, who, has changed as well. He is much more animated and open with his feelings for Raenef. Once Raenef runs away (not spoiler, says it on the back), he goes crazy with looking for him. He even says something that proves he cares about the young demon lord. They are both teaching each other how to become better people. Rae is learning how to be more responsible and Eclipse is learning how to be more caring. It's really a beautiful relationship they have.

Three new characters are introduced in this volume! Well, two. We met Erutis in volume one but we didn't get to see much of her. In fact, in this one, we don't get to see much. However, it is more than the first. She's funny, a smart-ass, a bit of a chicken shit (but is's more on the side of, "Ack! Don't kill me! I give you cookies" than actually being a coward. It's hilarious!), and just all-around fun! I love her dialogue with Eclipse the most because he intimidates her and she tries to act all cool when she just fails. Chris, a Rased cleric heir, is probably more foolish than Raenef, in a good way! He's stupid but thinks he's a genius, conceited, lively, and always gets his ass handed to him by his master. Now, I love his master. He's always beating down Chris and telling him to use his brain and calling him stupid... yeah, I love him. All of the characters in this manga! They are just so entertaining!

Really! I HIGHLY recommend you pick up this series. It's so much fun just to read through it. However, it's not just fun and games! There are serious things to the plot as well. Most of it being revealed later on but it is so interesting that you must must MUST keep reading until the very end. Right now it's all fun and games and a history lesson and even THAT makes the manga worth reading. If you like magic, comedy, with a tiny bit of romance (seriously, you have to squint in order to see it) then read this! It's one of the best series out there!