Demon Diary, Vol. 07 - Kara, Lee Yun-Hee I hate it when people say all good things must come to an end. It makes me want to get a stick, beat them down to a bloody pulp, drag them up a 80 story building, set them on fire, toss them off the roof, then drop an anvil on their head whilst eating donuts and reading a good book. Nothing good should ever end. At least, that's my theory. I believe in always being happy and having good things surround you constantly. And so, though this is the last volume of Demon Diary, it does not have to be the end. If you have this manga in your collection, then you can always re-visit the world over and over again. So you see? Nothing ever comes to an end. (Even if I was freaking out about it in previous reviews! XD) This doesn't have to be the end.

Lee Yun Hee... I can honestly say you did a fantastic job with Demon Diary. When I learned that they changed the author, for whatever reasons, I was a bit skeptical. I thought that is wasn't going to be as good as the first and I felt that the characters were not going to be themselves. However, reading the entire thing through just proves you, Hee, are awesome. Thank you so much for giving these characters meaning and for giving them each a happy ending. It's amazing you did that. Kara, my love, thank you for bringing these characters to life because without you, there would be no sexy awesomeness! We need sexy characters to be all yay with after all~ Both of you did absolutely wonderful with this series and I hope to see more from you guys in the future! ^_^

I've gushed about these characters in every single review but I cannot help it. They are so loving, funny, caring, silly, strong, stupid, and just wonderful. Eclipse and Raenef will never fade! They will always be together loving each other. What they share is a joy that no one can comprehend. It's their's and shall forever remain as so. Even when seperated, they think of one another... wanting to be together with the one you love is something that few people understand these days. The concept of "forever" is too long for the weak-minded so... when I see people who understands what it means and are willing to go along with that feeling no matter what, it pleases me. It excites me and it gives me some hope for humanity. (Which is good because I have none). Eclipse and Rae have this down. They are beautiful and I know they will always remain as so.

What an ending for these other characters as well! Did you see how they just all came together? Well, if you didn't read then... no... you wouldn't have. XP So... this next paragraph might have a few small spoilers because I'm just too excited to keep it bottled up! Just skip to the last paragraph to see my conclusion! Anyway, Erutis surely got her happy ending. I know it doesn't seem that way for her now but... in due time... she'll grow to love her stalker. XD Chris, just when you got promoted... you do something stupid to be demoted again. *Sighs* I love you, you silly boy you~ XD I'm glad you are back with Hejem, though! Father and son shouldn't be seperated for too long. Krayon... continue stalking and persisting. I'm sure she'll crack one day! And I told you! Raenef IV is not as evil as they made him out to be in the previous volumes! He's just misunderstood~ God, I love these characters! They need a hug from me because I loves them! <33333<br/>
What can I say? This is just a wonderful manga. I love it with all my heart. I'll admit that the ending is a little bittersweet. You kinda wish there was more. However, this does not ruin the manga one bit. It just leaves things open for you to imagine what other endeavours the characters will have to go through. Nothing like fanfiction, ne? Seriously... go get this series. It's worth the read. There's something for everyone. Action, comedy, magic, romance, and a sense of pure joy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get your hands on this title! ^_^ Though I am sad to see I finished the series for the sixth time, I am truly happy to know that I will be able to visit these characters again whenever I wish it. So, good night for now, my loves. I will see you all in due time. *Smiles serenly* Be back before you know it! Matta ne!