Demon Diary, Vol. 04 - Kara, Lee Yun-Hee I love this manga sooooooooooooo much! How can someone not like this manga!? It's just so good not to like! With each new volume, you get drawn in even more to the story, characters, setting. I can go on and on! Whoever was the first person who came up with the idea to start this series was and is an absolute genius. I really hope me gushing about this manga will convince you guys to go out and buy it! It's so worth your time.

Lee Yun Hee, once again, outdid herself! She continued off from introducing us to Krayon (more on him later) and moved on to exploring more of Demon Diary. This is where the story really starts to take off! You get to know more about the characters and there's plenty of foreshadowing happening. Seriously, if this is your first read-through you're going to be like, "Huh? What's going on?" She really took the time out to develop both the story and her characters a lot more. I was really enjoying myself with how the plot is really thickening! Kara... marry me. Just... marry me. You have such a beautiful art style that I just cannot get enough of! Oh, the pigtails were a very nice touch... just wanted to let you know~ *Winks*

WAH! CHARACTERS WA KAKKOII DESU!!! I just love them sooo much! Okay, listen to me! Raenef and Eclipse is one of my favorite pairings! I know that's not shocking but I just had to tell you. X3 Rae starts to realize and express his feelings for Eclipse in this volume. He makes a decision in the end that... well, I understand why he did it but... it doesn't make anyone happy. Least of all Eclipse. That demon is so devoted to Rae and will do anything for him. These two share a very special moment in this volume that makes a rabid fangirl, like me, squee with delight. But you also feel a little helpless when you see these two struggling. It makes my heart hurt in a way that... I just wish I could put myself into the manga and hug them and say, "Everything's going to be alright, babies!" Then again... I'm just soft when it comes to yaoi~ XD

Erutis gets a lot more action in this one! You see her fight and you get a glimpse as to what her powers are. She is one of the main focuses in this volume because of the events that play out and because of a certain new demon lord that comes into the mix. *Smirks* Chris actually proves he's not as stupid as he appears to be. He is quite knowledgeable about demons and their customs. This young cleric heir is slowly proving he is worthy of his title... though he's still a dunce. XD Meruhesae, the seer, gets more screen time as well. She shows off her personality in a very charming way. Her and Eclipse are very hilarious with each other. Plus, she's the only one with the balls to do something unorthodox when it comes to Mr. Grumpy himself! God, I love this woman! We do have a new character in this one. (Well... two but I can't even HINT to who he is because that is a HUGE SPOILER and I don't want to ruin it for you. I'll talk more about him in the next review for it won't be a spoiler anymore! ^_^) Krayon is one of the five eldest demon lords in existence! He's so cunning, manipulative, and a little transfixed on getting Eclipse to serve him... makes one wonder, doesn't it? *Smirks* I love this demon! Everything about him. He does things his way and doesn't care what others have to say about it. I really think he's a great addition to the cast of characters of this manga!

My God... I can't believe I'm done with this book already. I'm so close to finishing the series... I don't really want it to end. *Pouts* It's getting so good! I can read this so many times and not get tired of it. You will do the same once you start with this series! I don't care what you have to do: Buy it, borrow it, check out from the library, whatever! Do whatever you can to get this ENTIRE manga series! It's so worth the read! You will not be disappointed. Especially now that it's getting good! Plus, don't you want to see more of the Raenef and Eclipse? They are cute, ne? Besides, yaoi is good for the soul! Okay, so it's shounen-ai but you get the idea, right? ... READ IT!