Fruits Basket, Vol. 1 - Natsuki Takaya First, let me start off by saying I love this manga! Fruits Basket is one of the best shoujo manga ever created and that's saying something coming from me! I actually hate shoujo. I'm not really into girly things and a lot of shoujo manga just bore me to tears because most of the "drama" is mediocre things that I couldn't care less about. It's much the same with chick lit; nothing but boy problems and how to look pretty. However, this manga is nothing like that. It actually has real life problems and interesting drama that can hold the reader's interest until the very end. The characters aren't shallow in the typical sense, the plot is very unique, and the artwork is both beautiful and silly! Just the way I like it!

Natsuki Takaya is a genius! I don't know where she got the idea to make a story about her characters being possessed by the animals of the Chinese Zodiac but I am so glad it popped into her head. It's so very intriguing and entertaining! I was laughing throughout the entire thing and I only read the first one so far! Plus, she has a wonderful sense of humor. I love how all of her characters dialogue is so hilarious and the situations she puts them in even more so. I appreciate all the more that you get to have her comments throughout the entire book as well! She's so funny and she's a fellow gamer! That just hit straight home for me since I, too, am a gamer. I love this woman. Everything about her is just epic.

Let's move on to the characters! Tohru! Can I just say she's a girl that actually does NOT get on my nerves? Do you know how happy that makes me? I have problems with liking girls in any form of entertainment because they are so stupid. However, Tohru is not like that. She's not shallow. She's not full of herself. She's not hung over the first guy that comes walking. She's caring and selfless and sweet and... I can go on and on. I really appreciate her as being the main female lead because she tries to be friends with everyone and it's so genuine. She's a very difficult character to explain because words just doesn't describe how truly amazing she really is. Just know that I love her and I want to see more of her. <3 Kyo is another favorite on mine. He's so loud, rude, and downright obnoxious... if you don't take the time to know him. Once you do, he's the sweetest thing you have ever laid your eyes on. He doesn't get along with others right away because he has this awkward personality; doesn't know how to make friends. He just wants to belong with the Sohmas and seeing as he can't... I can understand this completely. I related to Kyo the most out of everyone in this manga because he's just embodies that... that certain type of... personality that I went through and am still going through when it comes to other people. I don't know if I'm making sense right now. XD I guess what I'm trying to say is if you were or are an outcast, you can relate to him and love him. He's just an all-around awesome character.<br/>
Yuki... I'm not the biggest fan of Yuki. Don't get me wrong, I like him! It's just that at times I feel he's too arrogant for my liking. That and his jealousy of Kyo is a bit... pathetic. That's my main reason for not liking him to the fullest. However, Yuki is nice with Tohru and since he has his own insecurities, it's easy to relate to him, too. Besides, you just feel sorry for him once you learn that no matter what he does, he could never escape. Don't know what I'm talking about? Read the manga and you'll be able to find out! >:3 Shigure is crack. I like him because he's slightly perverted, a nut, quirky, and just... weird at times. Now, there's something more to him once you see him talk about Akito. As to what, well, it's not revealed in this volume and even if it was, I wouldn't tell you anyway! Just check for yourself! He's cool, though. Kagura is... obsessed. I think she's so cute and badass and just a lot of fun. Although... I do feel for Kyo. XD Nothing like saying you love someone by beating the crap out of them! <3<br/>
Uotani and Hanajima are Tohru's friends from school. Uo is a no-nonsense, "I kick your ass!" type of girl and let me just say that I think that's great! Too many girls nowadays want to be "cute" and that's just boring. The fact that she just ignore that and went straight to "out of the norm" makes me so happy. Plus, having a friend who can kick butt for you isn't so bad either! X3 Hanajima is another favorite character of mine (I know. I have a lot for this manga). She uses these weird wave thingies to sense people. She's strange but she's also very loyal and sweet with Tohru. I love how she freaks out those fangirls by just looking at them! Priceless! There's a lot of characters to this series but each and every one of them are so cool that you don't care! I cannot wait to rant and rave about the other characters once they appear! *Flails*

Oh, man! I need to get to reading the second one already! This manga is just too good! It's funny, entertaing, romantic, cute, kickass, and all them other words that means "EPIC!!!" There's something in this manga for everyone because even though it's technically "shoujo" there's things that a lot of guys will find entertaining, too. Like the battles between Kyo and Yuki, there's cute girls to stare at, and just the relationships between the characters are too awesome for only girls to find entertaining. Seriously, everyone should go out and get this manga! It's such a light read (until later when it becomes heavy as hell but you wouldn't know that yet so...) and deserves all the love it can get. You will not be disappointed.