Fruits Basket, Volume 03 - Natsuki Takaya *Flails* OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! HARU WAS IN THIS VOLUME AND IT EXCITES ME SOOOOOOO MUCH TO SEE HIM IN ACTION!!!! HOW I LOVE THIS MAN! BOY! COW! WHATEVER! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!! *Piano falls on head* Oof! @_@ ...thanks. I needed that. I got a bit too fangirly there... heh? *Ahem* Anyway, as you probably already know... I love this volume of Fruits Basket. Mostly for Haru but also because more things were revealed. Seriously, it's painful seeing how slow things get reveled in this manga but that's what makes it so good! You want to KEEP READING until the end so that way you'll be able to find out! Why do you think I've been reading them back-to-back? Because I am dying to know what's going to happen next!

I really enjoyed Takaya-sensei's humor in this volume. I mean, her humor in all the volumes is just hilarious but in this one it really just shot to the roof! I know I've said this before but I love her comments throughout the story. She's always breaking the fourth wall and I really do love seeing that. I don't think I've talked about her artwork before but I must say it's very nice. It's not the most gorgeous I've seen but I think that's what adds to the charm of it. Her art style is so simple and cute and I enjoy that so much. However, she does draw people beautifully. The way she drew Kyo in that one scene where he smiles brightly... I nearly died. He was THAT gorgeous! I was close to losing my head because I wanted to go into the manga and squeeze him to death! Or at least until he started purring~ XD

Speaking of characters... OH MY GOD!!! DID YOU SEE HOW AWESOME HARU WAS IN THIS VOLUME BECAUSE I DID AND I JUST WENT ALL MAD FOR HIM BECAUSE HE IS BEYOND SEXY AND CUTE AND WAH!!! IT PLEASES ME TO SEE HIM BE SO GUTSY! HE INSPIRES ME TO BE MORE OUT THERE! HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LOVE HIM!? ILOVEYOUHARUPLEASEMARRYMEYOUSICKFREAK!!! *Anvil falls on head* Oof... okay... @_@ ...I'm back. Well, yes. I do think Haru is a fracking awesome character!!! <--- My failed attempt at not cursing. Haru is crazy! No really... he's crazy. Split personality and whatnot. He's so sweet when "White" then so twisted when "Black," it's amusing! Personally, I like him better when he's "Black" but that's only because he's so kickass! So... I can't even properly say how much I love Haru. My words will not show how badass he is. And this is nothing. He gets even more badass as time goes on, i.e. future volumes. Seriously, read this manga so you can see how amazing this character is. <br/>
Okay... I ranted about Haru and he's not even the main character so my review is a bit out of order this time around but... I can't help it... we'll get back on track now. Okay... let's see... Tohru is still awesome/sweet/cute. Her ability to accept everyone is out of this world. I don't know how she does it but she does. Yuki reveals more about himself towards the end which is nice. Kyo... awwwwww!!! My baby Kyo! He's going through such a rough time. I want to give him big hug!!! Wait... didn't I say that already? O_o Anyhow, you might be a bit confused as to the way he acts towards something but it's simple enough to figure out that your head won't hurt much. We get introduced to a new character and she's... weird. XD I like her! Okami-san is just funny. I love how she over-reacts to EVERYTHING!!! Momiji... so adorable! Though we still don't know much about him in this volume, you get to see that he has a very keen insight. A character that we do get to see more of that we haven't really known is Shigure! Finally, right? I do love him but... there's something about him... something he's planning that we do not get to know until WAAAAAAAAAAAAY later on in the series. ACK!!! It's driving me insane not knowing what is going on! I need to read more to better understand him because I refuse to believe he's really bad. I know he's doing some questionable things but... there must be a reason to it, right? Hatori makes a cameo! Talking to Shigure and if he's not his enemy then... neither will I be! Oh, and fuck Akito. <--- Failed at keeping review clean. So we don't know him per say but... I just really can't stand him. -_-" Whatever... I'll try not to hate him too much... no promises.<br/>
Yeah... I ranted a lot in this review. I'm sorry for that... not the ranting just that I couldn't structure this into a better review! XD It's difficult writing a review for a series you love so much about characters you love so much. It's nearly impossible. For me, completely impossible but you know what I mean. XP I tried. I know for a fact my future reviews for this series is not going to get any better so... you've been warned. Just save yourself the trouble and go read this manga! It is worth your time and effort and love and money! However, I feel that I must warn you. This is published by Tokyopop and since, I'm sure you know, it's out of business, you should probably get your hands on it soon before it's OOP. I know that's what I'm going to do the moment I gets me my money (Parents buying it for me, in case you wondered). Go buy it now! It needs to be on every manga lover's bookshelf!