Fruits Basket, Vol. 5 - Natsuki Takaya So... I fangirled over this volume as well. Why? Well, it's Furuba, duh! No, seriously, this was another great one! I enjoyed this story as much as I did the previous four volumes. You see more of HATORI!!!, Ayame, Shigure, HARU!!!, Tohru, Yuki, KYO!!!, and a new character! *Squees* Of course, there's more background story revealed and just a whole bunch of craziness that makes it all the more enjoyable to read. What I love about this volume the most is getting to meet Kisa and, for me anyway, relating to her and her problems. More on that soon.

Man, Takaya-sensei! Your ability to tell stories is just astounding! WHERE DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS STUFF!? X3 I'm not sure but I love it. She takes everyday situations and turns them into something so... meaningful... you relate to almost every single character because of what they are going through. I know I do! Her artwork is still very pretty. Her babbles on video games very entertaining! WAH!!! SHE TALKED MORE ABOUT FINAL FANTASY!!! HOW EPIC IS THAT!? I know what she meant about wanting to see more of the Crystals! Ah, man! Those were the days! I cannot wait to play more of Final Fantasy! Takaya-sensei, I love you. You manage to take everything I love about these characters and make them even more beautiful! And in this volume, you did it with all three of my favorite characters! That's right! She managed to make Hatori, Haru, and Kyo even more sexy than before! I wish I could tell you exactly what she did but... you know the drill.

Tohru... you worry too much about grades. School is not everything. Sure it's important... but it doesn't make you who you are. Take it the way Hanajima does~ Speaking of, we got to see more of her in this volume! Her and her little brother, Megumi, who she says she looks nothing like but I swear are twins. XD Those two are brilliant together! They can scare the crap out of anyone and for that, I respect them! XP I really fell in love with Hanajima in this volume. Everything she does was amazing! Tohru was being cute with Kyo because Kyo is just sexy. He's the sweetest! *Swoons* The way he cares for her is just... WAH! LOVE! I LOVE IT! Yuki was also sweet here. Especially with Kisa. Kisa is the newest addition to the cast (along with Megumi) and I must tell you she's adorable. Yuki was able to help her, as well as Haru and Tohru, with her problem.

Kisa is someone I relate to a lot and if you experienced the same thing when growing up, then you will too. It hits straight home what happens and for that... I appreciate her all the more. Haru... oh my God, Haru. Can he get anymore awesome? I bet he can! And he does! But that comes later~ XD But he was the best when it came to Kisa. I wish I can tell you completely what happened but... no. Just know he's pretty and awesome and YOU WILL WANT TO EAT HIM WHEN FINISHED READING! *Ahem* I told you my future reviews were going to be just as crazy... and disorganized... I can't help it. I LOVE THIS MANGA! Anyway, um, yeah! All the characters in this manga really stood out in this one. You feel for them deeply and you want to be able to help them in some way but... AT LEAST THEY HAVE TOHRU!!! DAMN IT! WHY ARE THE SOHMAS SO EFFING HOT!? IT UPSETS ME!!! BECAUSE I WANT THEM!!! >_< So... yeah... Awesome characters.

Why is it that I can never state clearly what I'm trying to say in these reviews! Ugh! Whatever! I don't care! Get this series! Stop reading these reviews and get them already! It's an awesome manga with loving characters, a heart wrenching plot, and just smexiness all around. After five of these reviews, and seeing how insane I get with it, are you really going to question whether you want to get it or not? For shame, man! For shame! Well, I suppose I'll just have to continue raving about how epic this series is until you do get it. You do know there's 23 volumes, right? *Smirks* Prepare for a bumpy ride, my friends~ I'm taking you to AWESOMEVILLE and back with me! >:3