Fruits Basket, Vol. 6 - Natsuki Takaya Five stars... did you expect anything less? Especially in this volume? Man... this volume was very, very, VERY hard to get through. It was extremely sad... you wouldn't think it because of the cover but it's true! The cover is a bit misleading. (Don't get me wrong. I love Momiji! He's so adorable but with what happens within the volume... yeah... you'll be like, "How can something so horrible be inside something so cute!?") It's THAT depressing. Sure, it has a great ending... BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT ANY LESS SAD! ESPECIALLY IF YOU LOVE KYO AS MUCH AS I DO! YOU'LL BE CRYING YOUR EYES OUT! *Blubbers*

Oh, Takaya-sensei... why do you do this to me? I love these characters so much and you make me cry by making them go through crap! It hurts me so bad... why? WHY!? You love seeing me crack, don't you!? *GASPS!* I knew it! You do! >_< In all honesty, she did a real good job in this volume. The suspense was killer! The sadness was overwhelming. And the love... *Sighs* ...the love was beautiful. Oh, my... I don't even know what to say... I'm still shaking from everything that took place in this manga. And to think that it's only going to get more hurtful from here. It's good but at the same time, it's bad! I don't want to keep crying! My eyes already hurt from all the tears I've shed in this volume! How can I take anymore? Not to say it was completely sad. Takaya-sensei did an excellent job in ending the book in a nice positive note. It was a very light and fluffy feeling which was nice considering how awful everything else was. For that, I thank you, Takaya-sensei. (Your talks of video games really helped me out as well!)

If you had any negative thoughts towards Tohru (and I have no idea why you would) then this volume will change your mind about her. She really was shining brightly in this book. She did what no one would ever do. Ever. Because people suck that way. She did something so wonderful that... that... if I was a guy, I'd want to go out with her... hell, I'd still go out with her! But Kyo would kill me if I did that so... no. Tohru was so kind to Kyo and understanding. God! It's so rare to find people who just understands now-a-days! She is amazing. Your heart will fall for her because of what she did. I cannot stress that enough! As you can see, Kyo went through... something dreadful... it was really hard reading through those parts. His pain... is so deep... it's as if it's happening to you. Reading it... it IS happening to you... Man... I can't even write about it because I'm already starting to choke up. My poor Kyo. *Squeezes him*

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the way Yuki and Kagura acted towards what happened to Kyo. I know they don't have ill will towards him but... I don't know. It leaves me feeling... yucky. Kagura... I don't know what to think about her yet but Yuki... blah! Then again, I never really liked Yuki that much. He seems to look down on a lot of people. I know I'm supposed to sympathize with him but... eh. I don't hate him but... it's that arrogance that gets to me sometimes... plus, he's a wimp. Personally... I would love it if my brother was a pain like that... on second thought... never mind. HOW IS AYAME THE SNAKE!? I JUST WILL NEVER GET OVER THAT! >_< I love Ayame. He's so much fun. He doesn't care what people think of him and for that, he earns my respect. There's a new character introduced! (I know... there's a lot of them! XD) Kazuma, or Shishou, is Kyo's martial arts master and the best daddy anyone could ever ask for! I am sooooo in love with him it's not even funny. I love how much he cares for Kyo! It's wonderful! Speaking of characters I love, Haru and Hatori makes a cameo. And so does Momiji and Shigure but they weren't in this volume as much. I can say that the small screen time Hatori appears in is so funny that you don't care if he wasn't there for most of the book. <3<br/>
Okay, so this one is going to leave you with a broken heart, red eyes, and a runny nose but it's worth it! I promise you that! If only to see how much more the characters grow and to see the relationships finally take off in the right direction! Yeah... it's going to hurt as hell, especially if you've come to love these characters to death... but... it's okay. Not everything in life is fluffy... the same thing goes for manga. Or anything really. Trust me. This series just keeps getting better and better with each passing volume. And from here? Well, only better. Please, don't take my word for it. Go and check it out yourself. You will not be disappointed. Besides, don't you just love hot guys in dresses? Or cute girls in dresses? Or hot guys and cute girls getting it on? Okay... so that last part doesn't happen but damn it! IT BETTER SOON!!! *Flails* GO READ IT NOW!