Fruits Basket, Vol. 8 - Natsuki Takaya Why is Fruits Basket so freaking awesome? There's really nothing for me to complain about the series (except for Akito but you already knew that). I will say this, however... THERE'S SO MANY CHARACTERS TO LOVE!!! That's right, we got to meet the monkey in this one (and a little sneak peek of the horse... is that a spoiler? O_o). In any case, I was so happy to see more characters revealed, more pasts being explained, and seeing Haru being a total hottie~ You should have seen how awesome he declares his love! Now THAT'S what I call a man! All you men out there... GROW A PAIR! Because there really isn't any men left out there in the world. *Sighs* Anyway, this volume really made me take a step back and look at my life clearly. It was... refreshing.

Seriously, I couldn't have read this book at a better time. Some of the manga was showing how the characters were reflecting on their lives... thinking about their futures and what they want to do and not knowing what they want to do. I'm going through a very similar situation and it's not fun. I undertsand what it's like being lost and having no clue where you're going to go... I think everyone does at some point. But for others, it's much easier to choose a path and for others, myself included, not so much. I know I say this a lot about this manga but I related so easily to what the characters were going through. It's such a great feeling being able to fully understand what's happening in the story. It was a nice touch Takaya-sensei added to it. I love her ability to mix real life with the fantastical. It's... overwhelming but at the same time... wonderful. Thank you, Takaya-sensei. I now know that I should just take it easy. Start with the laundry that's at my feet first, then look forward. (I also had a chat with my friend that helped me realize this as well so... thank you. You know who you are! ^_^)

Dude, where should I begin with the characters!? So many awesome things happened! We start off with Haru kicking ass because he wants his girl, Ritsu being entertaining, Hatori being adorable, everyone feeling anxiety, Ayame being (for once) really cool, and the DUNDUNDUN moment of Rin! And all this time Tohru was being supportive and funny as hell! (The way she walked into that wall was just too hilarious!) I love this girl. I don't know how she manages to be cute but not stupid but... she does it! Kyo was.... *SQUEES!!!* That was such a cute laugh/smile! When he and Tohru got into a conversation about their future, it was so relieving seeing how he laughed. *Sighs* Made me want to do the same (and I did!). Yuki was so... so... so not arrogant in this volume. Well, perhaps a little but it was more durable. Seeing how he acted with his brother, Ayame, was very nice. I was shocked that he was able to finally grow a little. It was annoying seeing him push Ayame away so much. I felt that they finally got closer in this volume.

Ayame is the best brother ever! Um... if you forget the fact that he's persistent as hell! No, really. He was... how should I say this... he surprised me as well. There was a moment in the volume where he talks about that no one is ever truly alone. Himself included. But that person he was hinting at... it made me smile. I was truly happy. I know there's more to him and I can't wait to find out (I know. I can't believe I want to know more about the Snake, either). He truly is beautiful. Ritsu! Oh, that ma--wo--person is so awesome! He's just like his mother! Okami-san was over-dramatic in that everything used to make her freak out. Ritsu... is no exception. Just like his mother! It's a little sad that he feels he's not worth much but I do think he will come to like himself in due time. And a certain someone is going to help~ I'm not going to name names but... she's a bit dramatic like he is. XD Last thing I'm going to talk about (because I'm running a little too much at the keyboard I might get a bit too carried away) is how we got to see a little bit of Rin. She's not only pretty but sexy! And kickass! And badass! All those things! You need to continue reading just so you can see this amazing character in action!

Okay! That's it! I'm done! No more ranting for me. I think this one got somewhat spoilery but it's nothing too major. Just enough to peak your interests~ Man, how in the world did I come to love this manga so much!? It's so shoujo-y that I'm like, "Where did I go wrong!?" However, it's not like other shoujo stuff so maybe... that's it? In any case, I really think this is one of the great ones! So much relation to real life and kickass characters! It's almost difficult not to fall in love with this series. And maybe I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to sexy guys... what!? The Sohmas ARE hot, okay!? ...I happen to be a girl into the whole superficial. Leave me alone! Anyway, that really is enough from me! Go. Read. Now. Enjoy! I'll see you in the next volume! ^_^