Fruits Basket, Vol. 9 - Natsuki Takaya Talk about a lot happening in a single volume! So much was happening in this book that I have no idea where I should start! This was filled with a lot of short stories. They were there to expand on what was hinted at in previous volumes but wasn't really in depth. Did that make sense to you guys? I hope so... oh well. XD It's basically just going on about the characters experiences during their summer off school. I thought it was a nice touch. Especially since you got little hints about what happened to them and then you finally get to see it. I always liked that about this series. Not everything is revealed completely as soon as it is mentioned. It actually takes quite a while for you to see what happens... for you to get the whole picture. I feel that it adds to the experience.

Takaya-sensei just proved that she is epic sauce! Not that she wasn't before but in this volume she mentions someone that I've only recently become familiar with because of my friends. Here's a bit of back story: So my friends are obsessed with this manga called V.B. Rose and they are dying for me to read it. Let me tell you, I am as well. They talk about it so much that I am completely hyped up. Well, anyway, I wanted to read it but it's not like I was in a rush. That was before I read Fruits Basket. Whilst reading this lovely volume, I stumble upon a note that says Hidaka-sensei, creator of V.B. Rose, created the outfit that Momiji was wearing! Now isn't that just epic, man? I thought it was! These two great mangaka artists actually know each other and are fans of each others work! Now I know it's destiny for me to read V.B. Rose. I cannot wait to get my hands on those manga! Thank you, friends and Takaya-sensei for showing me a new manga to get my hands on! XD

So new characters! First, Manabe and Machi. They are part of the student council that Yuki is on. Let me tell you... I love them already! Manabe is just like Ayame except I'm fine with it because he's not a Snake... at least I don't think he is. XP And Machi is a bit on the quiet side and has a weird aura about her but it's not bad. I actually enjoyed her very much. We only got to see them for only a chapter but we did get to see a pretty nice side of them in that one chapter. Plus, they are going to be getting on Yuki's nerves so it works out! *Totally loves seeing people get hassled* X3 I like Manabe for getting on Yuki's nerves the most! XD Also, we got to see Rin! She's very pretty. And I know she's sexy as hell! As in she could beat your ass to a bloody pulp! It pleases me. *Smirks* The only thing is... you don't very much get to see her badassery because she appears at the end... AGAIN! The only think you know is the fact that her and Shigure are close... THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING!!!

Some of the backstory we get are from Uo and Hanajima. I know! I'm excited, too! They got more epic! Okay, so Uo's story is mostly showing that guy she mentioned meeting that one time. His name is Kureno (another character XD) and he, too, is part of the Sohma family (although Uotani doesn't know this yet) and they share such a nice relationship. I'll admit that I thought they rushed into it a bit but I feel that they have such strong personalities that it works out in the end. I hope they both are able to find what they are looking for. *Smiles* Hanajima... man... we really got to see her past. I mean when she was in elementary school and middle school, when she met Uo and Tohru, and when she finally came to peace with herself. It was great. I really do love her as a character and seeing how far she came, the love of her family and friends, and just how she learned not to let anyone push her down was an amazing treat indeed. I appreciated it a lot. Another thing we got to see was Kyo and his Shishou. Cutest father/son pairing ever! I love these two! Ugh... but what happened in that chapter was just digusting. Let's just say Kyo's real father is a pig. *Gags* But I want to point out... Kyo smiles much more easily now... and he looks... divine. *Smiles warmly*

SHORT STORY GALORE! Man, I love this manga! The characters just keep growing! They never stop and that just goes to show you that this is truly an amazing series. When things don't stop and they keep going in a nice even pace, you know it's something worth your while. I'm going to repeat myself because it deserves to be repeated. Go. And. Read. This. Manga. Right. Now. It's too epic not to get your hands on. Even if you can only check it out of the library, do it! It's not like you'd be wasting your time on it. I love the more I read, the further I get to finding out what everything really is. Because I'm telling you... I'm confused as hell as to why some things are happening. Why, Takaya-sensei!? Just tell me what's going to take place already! *Slaps self* Anyway, I highly recommend this series. It's really really beautiful! (Plus, Kyo, Haru, and Hatori are hot as hell!) <33333