Fruits Basket, Vol. 10 - Natsuki Takaya UGH!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE SOME OF THE STUFF THAT HAPPENED IN THIS VOLUME!!! IT UPSETS ME SO MUCH TO SEE CRAP LIKE THIS HAPPENING! Okay, so we could basically blame all that is happening on Akito. That little spoiled, no good, self-centered, little schmuck needs to get his eyes stabbed out. He needs to be beaten into a bloody pulp! He needs to get shot multiple times, thrown off an 18th story building, and then run over by a pogo stick! That's how bad he pissed me off in this volume! I have no idea why they allow him to get away with all of the things he does! What a selfish little--OOO!!! *Slaps self* ...nope! Not even that was able to calm me! I'm so upset that this had to be the first thing I talked about instead of how I normally do things in my reviews. *Sighs* So yeah... it was a great volume just because of how it makes me feel all icky. Not to say the entire volume was awful (in a good way).

What I liked about this volume was Takaya-sensei giving us little tidbits on the lesser known characters of the series. That was actually pretty cool to read. I mean, it's not like you must know these facts in order to continue with the plot but I love how Takaya-sensei gives more life to her characters. No matter how small a role her characters have, as long as she brings them to life, she's going to make sure they live. It's a nice feeling knowing that this mangaka doesn't let any of her characters "die." And holy crap! This plot! This whole story is making me go nuts! I cannot believe some of the stuff that she came up with! It literally makes me want to run into a wall because of how excited/nervous/upset/WAH!!! I get reading it. I kinda just want to keep asking the question, "WHY!?" but that wouldn't be fun... in any case, this one really made me go nuts!

I think what I loved most about this particular volume was seeing more of Hatori. Oh, yes~ I always loves seeing me some Hatori~ It's revealed that he and Mayuko, Tohru's teacher, actually knew each other for quite some time! Shocking, ne? Well, getting to know Mayu some more was pretty epic. I like her a lot. I feel bad for what she had to go through. Man, no one wants to have those feelings. >_< But... you get the feeling that... because they are both equally wounded... they'll be able to help each other out in the end which, I must say, is actually a very soothing feeling. (I want at least one good thing to happen to these characters, damn it! Especially Hatori!!! *Flails*) Oh, and can I say I love how Kyo just knows Tohru? He knew that she was unhappy when everyone else thought that she was just fine! Now that's what I call skills. Seeing him soften up with each passing volume just makes me so happy. Like I said... I want to have something good happen to them. It's too painful seeing them hurt time and time again. So... when I saw how he just clicked that Tohru wasn't feeling too great... it made me squee~ XD

Speaking of Tohru... it looks like we are going to find out more about her. Not everything is all dandy yet with her. There's more to the story than just her losing her mother. I wonder what could be up with her this time... Shigure is showing more of his evil side... which isn't really a bad thing. *Giggles* He was so conniving in this book! He intrigues me as well. I want to know why he seems to be on no one's side. It makes me feel a bit... concerned... although, I love that he called Akito a fool in a roundabout way. That was totally worth him causing the entire thing. X3 AKITO, YOU PRICK! STAY AWAY FROM MY BABIES! STOP CLINGING TO HATORI LIKE THAT! GODDAMNYOUANDBEINGSOBLOODYANNOYING!!! ... D,FKNDJKFHNK,HNSFKLSDJFIDJFIOJFLJZSD[FJKOJGVDH.IOJHVIKJMCKZMSA;JPPOQJPJJFINDCKLSJIKDJIHFHNEDFJOLFUIJHGHNOL.AJDFIHJAZDLFJKSFDIHFK,DHFDHFUJDHF!!!! I freaking hate that guy! Okay enough about him! Let's move on to Yuki! He... makes you have a "WTF!?" moment in the end. I know I'm excited to see where THAT goes!

Bah! This book pissed me off! I wanted to kill a certain someone over and over again! I don't know how I managed to not destroy my copy of Furuba but I did. *Deep breath;exhales* Man! What a ride! I can't believe that most of the characters have already been revealed! We just have a few more to go before we are all done. I am super excited to see the remaining ones left. Dude, how awesome is this going to be? There's still so much left that I'm nervous to find out! But, I'm a girl with balls of steel and so... *Picks up the next volume* ... *Looks up* What are you still doing here? Go read the next volume with me! Now!!! *Goes back to reading*