Fruits Basket, Volume 12 - Natsuki Takaya AH~ This volume was actually kind of peaceful. It wasn't as intense as the one before this. Well, if you don't count the part with Rin... that was pretty intense... and the parts with Kyo. XP But other than that, it only involved things happening at school, future worries, and Shigure being a devious little monster like always! (I must say, I love how evil he can get. It pleases me~ *Smirks*) I wasn't as "ROAR!!! DIE!!!" in this volume, which is good because... man, I thought I was going to lose it for a while. Do you know what it's like wanting to destroy something because everything you're reading is just pissing you off? Ugh! It's not fun. So I like that this volume was a lot more calm. Balances things nice and easy. *Nods*

Sensei! You are love! That's what you are. Thank you for not making this particular volume full of drama. I needed to rest after my outburst! XD Although... that part with Rin? EPIC~~~!!! I flipped out~ (More on that later.) You are aware that I am so hooked to what you write? What you create? You do realize I'm going to be stalking you for the rest of time, ne? As soon as I'm done with this series, I am definitely going to look into more works created by Takaya-sensei because she just has a very natural story-telling talent. Her designs are just so beautiful! I love the clothes she makes Rin wear especially. They are just sooooo sexy! Rin is sexy. It was nice seeing Sensei talk about herself again, too! She hasn't done that in a while. Of course, it's talking more about video games but I don't care! I happen to like video games and I like it more when she talks about them. Really gets animated! XD Maybe I should buy headphones, too... it might enhance the experience! XD

Favorite part of this book: RIN!!! Wah! How awesome! She's so tough, strong, kind (in her own way), and beautiful! Her hair! Her clothes! Her everything! Just completely fell in love with her... AND WITH HARU! ALL OVER AGAIN! XD The chemistry between these two people... well, in a word: HOT! I swear! These two are so good together you just squee to death! I know I did! I don't want to get too much into detail but know that it is awesome and you will freak and you will jump to the moon because it is THAT sexy! There's still a lot that we don't know about them yet. For example, Rin seems to be hurting in more ways then one. I wonder what could be bothering her... also, Haru is going through a lot of pain as well. *Flails* THEY SHOULDN'T BE!!! THEY ARE TOO GREAT!!! (Yet another review with not a lot of explaining, too much flailing, and just plain blahness) Sorry this is another one of those but... I seem to be hitting a snag because of just how much I love these two. It seems that the more I love something the more I suck at giving it a proper review... probably because I can't find anything to point out the bad... what? Whatever. HARU AND RIN ARE THE PERFECT COUPLE! There. That's done.

As for the other characters, not much happened really. However, with Kyo, BIG STUFF! Really big stuff! His relationship with Kagura was finally revealed. You know, the start of it all. And... it's disgusting... on Kagura's part. It leaves you feeling dirty and just not... happy. You really start to question Kagura's character back in volume six when you see Kyo's true form for the first time and in volume 12, you know why. Man, it's horrible. I still like her, in a way, but... just... no. *Sighs* I let you see for yourself. *Smiles faintly* It was kind of Kyo to still be there for her, in a sense. I love that boy. <3 Tohru is working so hard to help him and Yuki and everyone else in the Chinese Zodiac. I love how she went to Shishou for advice. Oh! And Hanajima has a crush on him! It's sooooo cute! XD That's not really a spoiler because it's not part of the main plot or anything. Just a crush. What else...? *Cracks up* Shigure and Mayu... my God! They are so hilarious! I loved how he started cheering when she put on that sour face! Priceless! I have a warm little place in my heart for them~ <3<br/>
This was such a cute volume. Even though some intense things happened, like for Haru, Rin, and Kyo, it felt a lot calmer than others. I like the pacing of this series. It doesn't through so much at you all at once. You don't get the feeling of being overwhelmed by it. I like that a lot. So, I say again, READ FURUBA! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! I know I am soooooo glad that I decided to listen and pick up this manga! Because it is truly one of the great ones. *Flails* I'm so excited to see where this goes from here! I don't know what else is going to happen... and I'm nervous as hell because I want happy ending but damn it!!! I am sooooooo going to continue reading this! In fact, I'll start right now! Come! Come! Join me! *Flails*