Fruits Basket, Volume 14 - Natsuki Takaya HJCFBJDGBCFYHDGCJDBHVIKDHUJDHCUFHDUVHDUHCVUDHCUDHVUDHVCUDHCVUDHFUIDHFVIHDCFUIHDUFVHDUIGHPPOIOOIWUEUUQUQUWHD!!!!!! THAT WAS SO CUTE!!! SO CUTE! I love this volume! It was so amazing! I mean… I was pretty depressed when I first started to read it. I felt like being emo for a very long time. But then the ending! *Squees* The ending was sooooo worth that sadness! Oh my word! I’m… I’m speechless! How can I tell you how great it was without spoiling it? The thing is: I can’t. It’s impossible for me to tell you. Oh but please! Please believe me when I say it’s so wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! *Flails*

Takaya-sensei! She did excellent in this book! Brilliant! Amazing! And all them other words that means she’s a genius! How ever did you manage to make something that made me want to cut myself into something that made me want to scream for joy!? Oh my Lord! I am so happy! I really am so happy! I felt so bad for Rin and I still do but even that ended in a way that made me want to jump for joy. My God! I am so ecstatic! And maybe it’s because I was for a certain something but that doesn’t matter. It all makes sense now! No wonder! Just no wonder! I must sound like a nut to you all but… I am a nut so nothing new really. I’m sure Takaya-sensei thinks I’m nutty, too! Yay for not being alone! If I could marry this woman, I would… in a heartbeat. XD

Rin broke me… she broke my little beating heart. I WANT TO HUG HER! She’s so badass that when you see her so vulnerable… you have no choice but to want to hug her. I’m so glad she had Haru when growing up. If not… who knows what would have happened to her. Haru is truly a knight. *Boos and hisses* Oh what!? What!? Call me a romantic! But don’t “Boo!” me! -_-” In any case, Haru and Rin are so gorgeous together. Man, they even… yes, I’m still on that! It was shocking, okay? I was like, “*Falls over*” it was that good! Wow… I’m just amazed that these two can love each other so… strongly. *Sighs* I hate romance but… the romance in this manga… I approve. It’s so amazing! It even makes me want to—PFFFT!!!! Nope! Not gonna happen! X3 In any case, Rin’s story got to me. And it also enhanced the fact that Akito MUST SUFFER A SLOW AND HORRIBLE DEATH! What the hell is his problem? I don’t get it! And he hates women? Well, that was obvious but still… what? What kind of bullshit is this? Ugh! I hate this person! With a burning passion of hatred! He’s disgusting, revolting, stupid, and I don’t like him. Interfering with my loves. Asswipe!!! -_-”

Well, enough of that crap. On to other stuff! Shigure is revealing a little bit more about himself. It makes me wonder that, out of everyone, he’s the biggest enigma of all. I really which he would say more but… I have my suspicions but, as I’ve said before, nothing I guess is right until proven so by the author. Another thing I must say, it was nice seeing more of the Student Council. We now know more about Manabe and Machi’s past. It makes me happy! I understand a bit about them now! Hoo-Ha! Now, if only I fully understood Machi. And is it me or are Machi and Yuki…? Hmm… we’ll just have to see, won’t we? Speaking of Yuki… *SQUEES!!!* THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL MAN! BEAUTIFUL! I can’t tell you guys enough. He says something that leaves you speechless. Although, it makes so much sense! Everything! *Giggles* I am so happy! I like where this is going! I truly do. Oh, you need to read it! If my rant doesn’t make you want to read it then I should just slap you. You know what’s better!? Tohru was so close! So close to admitting something but held back. There’s something about her, too, that’s not being revealed yet but… I’ll keep reading in order to find out. I want to know. Besides, Kyo is being the absolute best! WHY ISN’T HE MAH BOIFREN!!!??? *Slams head against the wall* I want him and Haru and Hatori to be my lovers! Argh! So upset I’m not a character in this book! >_<<br/>
Fantasies aside… I love getting lost in this series. You know, sometimes, when reading, I got so sucked into the story that I actually picture myself there. Is that strange? Yes… yes it is… BUT I DON’T CARE! This manga is so amazing that I can’t help myself. I love that the characters keep growing, the environment is always changing, and my hatred for Akito keeps increasing! It’s a win-win no matter how you look at it! X3 I encourage you all to continue reading this fantastic series. It moves you and helps you become a better person. Seriously, this manga helps you grow as a person. I’m telling you, it’s because of this manga that I, myself, am growing… I’ve learned to look at things much more clearly. I… I haven’t been the best… mot for a very long time… but reading this… it’s inspiring me. Hopefully, I can continue to grow as do everyone else who reads this. So please… won’t you join me in the next volume? *Smiles warmly*