Fruits Basket, Vol. 15 - Natsuki Takaya Tee-Hee-Hee! This volume was adorable. Well, towards the end it was. The beginning made me want to cry. However, it's because of this sadness, I think, that made me understand a little bit better. That's right... I actually understand Yuki a little better now. Took me long enough, ne? Well, I'm sorry but arrogance makes me dislike people. In any case, I really appreciate what this volume does for the reader. It makes things so much more clearer and also brings the reader to a place where you think things are going haywire but is also going towards peace at the same time. That's not to say things aren't going to go crazy again. It just wouldn't be Fruits Basket without all them insane plot twists!

What can I say? I think Takaya-sensei did a fabulous job in creating this story. What she made Yuki go through and how she made him feel... that was the most brilliant thing I have ever seen happen in any manga I've read (and I've read quite a few). Reading this particular volume made me understand Yuki a lot more. I'm glad she did that for people, like me, who might have thought that Yuki was just being selfish. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I never hated Yuki. I did like him. I was just confused as to why he was acting the way he acted. Sensei did amazing in helping me, and perhaps many others, see who he truly was. *Happy sigh* So glad! Another thing is I approve of her version of Cinderella a whole lot more than the real one. XD It just suits me a lot more. X3 What can I say? I'm a women who believes you can do whatever you want! But that's all I'll say about that. This is definitely something you should read for yourself. Especially if you don't normally agree with the norm! ^_^

Yuki, Yuki, Yuki. This volume mostly centered around Yuki. And I'm glad for it! We get to see more about his past. Him being alone for most of his childhood... how he was revered highly yet not known for his suffering... it was very heart-breaking indeed. I had no clue this poor boy went through all that. I mean, I knew it couldn't have been fun being locked up in a dark room but... my ignorance didn't help me understand completely. Now I do and I love Yuki all the more for it! (Yes. It is official. Stop bothering me.) You want to know what I find more amazing? The fact that Yuki is growing so much as a person. He said he wanted to change and, my God, is he changing! He's trying his best to reach out to Kyo and make peace with him. It's so... lovely. He surprised me a lot of the time whenever he tried to do something he normally wouldn't do. As for Kyo... he needs more time. Yes, he's improving as well but because of all the negativity he received as a child, his relationship is still rocky when it comes to Yuki. But I do get the feeling he is warming up to him. It's not as heavy... not as strained... I think for now he's trying to focus on what's going on between him and Tohru... which brings me to my next question: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON THERE!? I'm so confused! He knows something and he's just not saying it! He better say it soon because it's driving me insane!!! >_< And Akito is a prick. *Still has no pity for the asswipe*

Tohru is another character still growing. In a lot of ways, she's still herself from when the series first started out. However, she's able now to talk to people when things are bothering her without seeming like a nuisance. She still worries about her friends and... *Smirks* ...we are beginning to see what it's like to be in love~ Yay!!! She's so keen to other's feelings. She sees that Uo still misses Kureno, that Yuki is growing, and that Kyo is acting strangely. I demand to know what's wrong with him! Anyway, I love her and I have a feeling things are going to get a bit more complicated for her... oh joy... Machi is another weird character. She's not impressed with Yuki which makes me happy, yes, because it's different but I would still like to know her reasons for it. I'm just curious. Such an enigma, that one. Manabe... I love how he teases Yuki. He makes me giggle. Haru, Momiji, Kisa, and Hiro are just cute as hell. Their relationship with each other is very strong. As it should be! Haru... you were a genius to tell Shishou about the play! Very worth it! >:3 As for Hanajima, I couldn't imagine a much better Cinderella. Oh, my... her and Shishou! That's just so cute! Too bad Kyo doesn't approve... OH WELL! WE SHALL MAKE HIM!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >:3

I am losing it... let me wrap this up before any more of my brain cells die. This book is filled with a lot of Yuki's history that helps the reader a lot when it comes to getting the full picture. It's hilarious and getting a lot more romantic as well! I cannot wait to see more of the smexy! EEEE!!! I'm excited! So yeah! If you like romance, hilarity to the extreme, and AWESOME characters and plot twists, then you really should invest into this type of manga. It really is amazing and I'm sure you will not regret getting into this series. I know I am dying to find out why Kyo is acting so weird and whether the other characters will get their happy ending. I must know, damn it! *Ahem* Well, I've babbled for long enough. I'm going to get ready and journey into the 16th volume of Furuba! Hurry up and meet me there! *Winks*