Fruits Basket, Volume 17 - Natsuki Takaya This volume pissed me off to no end!!! I LOVE IT! XD I know... I'm a contradiction... it runs in the family. *Shrugs* But I'm not kidding! I was really upset with how most of this volume had me pulling my hair out! And when I got up to a certain point I was like, "Nani? Eh!? USO!!!!!!!!!!!!" Really... I'm so flustered right now. However, as I've said before, when something can make me feel so angry, so upset, that's how I know it's something great. (It's like Code Geass but that's something else that makes me super angry and we shan't talk about that... yet.) When I first started reading, I thought that half of the stuff that happened in this manga wasn't going to really get under my skin. I mean, come on, it's a shoujo manga. Unfortunately... I was wrong... how in the world did this happen to me? Me! Who hates this kind of girly crap! >_< *Sighs* But it did... AND I COULDN'T BE MORE HAPPY FOR IT! XD Oh man! This volume was so intense! Especially since it centered around Akito and we all know how much I hate that bastard! (More on him later.) I know I'm so close to finishing this series but... I think I might get an ulcer way before the end. -_-"

Takaya-sensei! How could you do this to me? I thought you and I were friends! How can you make me want to commit seppuku for reading all this crap about Akito!? You know I no like him! (I'm only kidding kids. I highly disapprove of seppukuing so DON'T DO IT!!! (("Seppukuing" is not a word...)) ...shut up!) Anyway, Sensei's abilities... oh, her abilities! They are astounding! I love that she is able to get so many emotions out of me. So many! And that's no easy task. (I can be quite apathetic when I want to be.) The fact that she makes me care for these characters and what's going on with them just makes me go into SHOCK mode. On the other hand, the way she can make me hate someone so dearly is also impressive. I've hated in the past before but Akito? Well, I hate him to a whole new level. Sore wa nanika desu, ne? (You realize most of the people who reads your reviews have no idea what that means, right?) Oh, hush you! Anyway!!! I feel so glad that Takaya-sensei has this amazing ability! I hope that she keeps it. I really do think she's a fantastic mangaka. ^_^

I don't want to write about this part... because it hurts my brain... so much so that hitting myself multiple times against the wall will not give me the satisfaction of putting me into a coma like I hoped it would. *Sighs* Well... here goes... Aki--BAH I CAN'T DO IT! IT'S TOO HORRIBLE! TOO PAINFUL FOR MY YOUNG SELF TO GO THROUGH WITH IT! THE HORROR! THE HORROR! *Gets shot* ...I will make it my goal to find out who keeps shooting me... one day! *Inhales/Exhales/Continues* Alright... so this volume mostly focused on Akito... and it pisses me off. I think the reader is meant to understand a little more why Akito acts the way he does but all I get from it is, "STOP BEING SUCH A WHINY LITTLE BABY! MAN UP, SHUT UP, AND QUIT BEING SUCH A SELFISH LITTLE BRAT!" I'm pretty sure that's not the message I'm supposed to get... actually, I'm positive that's not it. But he's just done so much crap that I don't feel sorry for him whatsoever. I don't like him and I think I'm never going to like him. If he's had such a rough time (and I don't think he's had anything of the sort) then he should have found another way to deal with it then forcing everyone to be with him. Oh! That's another thing! Not only is he selfish but he's a damn slut, too! Argh! I can't say why, though. That's a spoiler but damn it! If you've read this already then you know what I'm talking about. Selfish little... oh! It brings me to the next topic: Kureno. I love Kureno. He's pretty cool. But I do have one thing to say to him: MAN UP YOU PUSSY! (I apologize for my vulgarity. This series is starting to piss me off and I do suffer from Tourettes so... excuse me.) Ugh! I don't see why he decideds to stay by Akito's side. They do explain it and I wish I could elaborate more but... just know that I think he's being weak. *Groans* I hate weak men...

Next section that doesn't contain too much stupid but still some stupid!!! Tohru... oh, my sweet Tohru. I know how much you want to help but... SOME PEOPLE DESERVE TO ROT! -_-" Just focus on Kyo and we'll all be happy. In fact, Tohru and Kyo are the only ones that DON'T piss me off! Well, them and Haru, Rin, Momiji, and Hato--STAY AWAY FROM MY HATORI YOU LITTLE WHORE!!! *Ahem* As I was saying, there are a few characters left that are not getting on my nerves but you know... the ones that piss me off make me crack. Kyo is sooooo cute! I wants to keep him~ He makes me happy. <3 Rin is up to something but... we'll have to see what in the next volume along with Haru. *Smirks* Hanajima and Uotani... did I ever say how much I truly love them? I don't know how they came to possess such wonderful personalities (okay, I do but just follow me here) but I am so glad that they are in this story. I wish there were more people like them in the real world but nooooo! We are stuck with pricks. *Sighs* C'est la vie. Yuki and Machi are an... interesting pair. Not that they got involved or anything. I'm just saying whenever they interact, they act interesting. Machi makes me giggle. She contradicts herself, too! (People who do that kick ass~ ((*Stares at questingly*)) ...I hate you.) Yuki seems so light now. It makes me happy... It's a nice feeling... I bet. *Smiles* Now... I got one person left to talk about: Shigure. And I got one thing to say: WHY!? What's so special about the asswipe!? Can someone please explain that to me because I don't get it! (I'm just kidding, guys. Don't tell me because I don't want it to spoil me. I hate spoilers! DX) We got to see a bit more of Shigure's devious self (which I love) but at the same time... things became even muddier. I need to keep reading... <br/>
BAH! AIDSIDCISJOLDJP;DKVCKVCNJUVHZJHSIOJDCOSKPZKPAOJQIJUHNJDNJKCMVXJIJCIKSJ!!! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!! HOW IS IT THAT THINGS NEVER SEEM TO MAKE SENSE! THEY JUST LOVE SHOVING THINGS INTO MY FACE SO I CAN GO, "ACK! THAT WAS MY EYE, YOU DOLT!!!" I love the twists and turns this series makes. Trust me! There's a bunch of them! This volume specifically had a secret that I completely had a "WTF!?" moment for. I did NOT see that coming! It was amazing! Are you hearing me? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I think you should go out and buy this series like... yesterday. Get to it! That way, you and I can fangirl together and be pissed together and cry like sissies together! Doesn't that sound fun? *Hears gun cocked* Okay! Okay! I'll leave you alone now! However... I still think you should get it. X3 Man, so good! Okay! I just have a few left! I'm off to start volume 18 now! Hopefully there's not a lot of stupid left! Knowing my luck... there probably is... T_T