Fruits Basket, Vol. 18 - Natsuki Takaya It has come to my attention that Fruits Basket will from this point forward... BE PISSING ME OFF TO NO END!!! OH MY GOD! I thought this one wasn't going to contain too much of the stupid but NOOOOOOOOO! I was wrong. It had stupid, i.e. Akito. That douche needs to perish! Right now! Argh! I was quite pleased with the beginning of the book. It was expanding Machi's life and what she went through. It's a bit... sad... as is eveyone's life in this manga... but it was good seeing that she had more of a purpose and does she have a purpose! *Smirks* Not going to tell of course but I'm sure you can figure it out~ So, yeah! I was enjoying myself until I got to the retarded parts! >_< Then, to top it all off, it ends on a sad note! Yeah, there's no happy ending to this volume! It's meant to tear your heart apart! All into tiny little pieces! *Sniffs* I can't believe that things are looking hopeless! Of course! I'm still praying things go well but... WAH! It's just too much to bare! (Suck it up, you big baby!) Where the hell did you come from? (...) ...I'm going mental, aren't I? *Sighs* Well, I still have some hope. I really want this all to end happily... BECAUSE I'M GOING TO BE SO PISSED OFF IF IT'S NOT!!!

My word... how else can I explain Takaya-sensei's pure awesomness? I feel that whenever I get to this part of my review, I'm saying the same thing over and over again. But it's the truth! I can't just not say how epic she is! It's just... not right for me to just say, "Oh... she did great." And then just end it there! What kind of fan would I be if I did that!? A lousy one, that's what! Know this, dear readers, that she doesn't shield people from anything. She will let you have it. You know how many times this woman broke my heart from just reading this series? I lost count! Oh, but she can make you feel healed again... the romance she writes... it's absolutely wonderful! I feel like falling in love just so I can feel that flutteriness people feel when they are in love. Then I think about all the jerks that are in this world and I'm happy I'm a free bird again! XD ( lady.) SHUT UP! I LOVE KYO! *Ahem* Anyway, truly amazing this manga is. I cannot wait to pick up the next volume!

But wait! I need to talk about the characters for this volume! XD We start off with Machi! We get to see how she's been feeling and why she was acting strange all this time. It's not her fault... it's those evil parents! Man, all the parents in this manga are screwed up in the head. (Well, not all. Hiro's parents are awesome. And so are Kagura's. And Tohru's. AND WE CAN'T FORGET SHISHOU!!! But yeah... after them... NO ONE!!!) Machi's parents are no different. They are a bunch of douches. >_< Yuki was there to help her along, though. I am actually kinda liking how these two get along. Machi is so quiet most of the time but when she gets upset... BOOM! WAR ZONE!!! XD We then move onto Minagawa and the conclusion of her story. (At least it felt like the end.) Minagawa really got on my nerves when she first appeared in the series but then... after reading this... I was actually shocked. She grew up. She really did. I guess she had to since graduation and all that... but I was really pleased to see how she grew! She's not as annoying anymore! How rare is that!? Also, she has herself an admirer. *Snickers*

Now for the stupid... Ugh... I can't stand Akito... I really thought that I would come to understand at least a little bit of what he's doing but... I don't. I really don't. He's just scum to me. Ren, his bloody mother (I figured since it was revealed in the last volume who she was and you're reading this review it's okay to say who she is now), is also a douche. I'll admit that I like her a bit better than Akito, but I still hate her guts. She does something to Rin that just upsets me! How in the hell did Shigure ever end up with her (Also okay to say since it was revealed in the previous volume)? Just the whole thing rubs me the wrong way. -_-" Kureno... well, he's not as agravating. I like him... I just want him to grow a spine. However, I think he did, a little, in this book! He was acting pretty awesomely. Haru... WAS THE BEST DAMN THING EVER! Holy crap! I've seen him get pissed before but not like this! Oh snap! That was sexy! He's such a man! I wants him! Man, Rin is such a lucky lady! *Smiles but has it slowly turn into a frown* She went through a lot... so much pain. Her hair... *Sniffs* least she had Haru. God, she's lucky! *Flails* Hiro was being cute with Hinata and Kisa. So cute! <3 Tohru... *Sighs* ...I don't want him to go either... KYO!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! MAKE BABIES WITH TOHRU!!! IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! *Gets scratch* Okay! Okay! No more of the babies! I got it... though, it's something to consider... *Gets spleen cut out* X_X<br/>
Well, this volume didn't make me as mad as the previous one but... it still pisses me off. All in a good way of course! XD I live for this sort of drama! Being pissed off is something that... I don't know... it pleases me and this manga does it so well! I really do think this is THE best shoujo manga I have ever read. When reading, you just get sucked into this crazy world filled with so many tragic characters and problems and characters you just want to kill! *CoughAkitoCough* (What about Ren?) Well, if she continues down the path she's going then yeah. I'll want to kill her, too. For now... I'll just shove her in the dungeon. (You have a--) Silence, mortal! I'm reviewing! *Ahem* As I was saying, you get pulled into the story and you just have to keep reading until you find out what happens! It's the main reason why I have been reading this nonstop for the past few weeks! I can't think of myself reading anything else until I finish this series. And I'm almost done! Just five more to go! I cannot wait to start the next one! I feel that things are just going to get more crazy! I am so excited! Come on! Read it together with me and fangirl like no tomorrow! But! I claim Haru, Hatori, and Kyo for myself. You can have the others! XD Mata ne! <3