Fruits Basket, Volume 19 - Natsuki Takaya FINALLY! IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS MANGA!!! IT WAS SOOOOO WORTH THE WAIT! XD Actually... *Frowns* ...this was a very sad volume. Oh man... it focused a lot on Tohru and Kyo's relationship and let me tell you... it's very depressing. I was tearing up so badly whilst reading it. Those two touch my heart in a way I never thought possible. So... *Blubbers* heart-breaking. That's not the only thing either! Oh no! There's more. There's even sad back-story involving Ayame and Mine, as well as Manabe, Komaki, and Tohru. *Sighs* So many things that'll make you want to go emo. T_T But it's so worth the read, I'm telling you. The only thing that drags this volume down is, of course, Akito. He's still being an idiot but Shigure makes it all better. *Grins*

Takaya-sensei~ My darling~ You are ze love!!! Ack! But you still make me want to commit seppuku! Why must you make these gorgeous characters go through so much? It makes me want to cry! Bah! I'm actually tearing up just thinking about it. (Talk directly to the readers not the author.) Shut up! I'm doing that! *Ahem* Oh, but I must say this, Takaya-sensei's side columns are so useful! She gives more information on the characters that didn't make it into the actual story. It's good to learn more about the characters from reading the side panels. I really do enjoy them. Another thing I have to say about this volume is the fact she's not making anything soft at all. Everything is all out of wack and... depressing. However, she did end it on a light note so that was a nice change. (Lately the volumes have been ending on sad notes... I no like. I mean I like but not really... OH YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!) By the way, isn't it shocking how Takaya-sensei brings things out from no where? I don't expect half of the things that's thrown my way and I love her for that! I hate when things become predictable. Nothing makes me more upset than reading something and me guessing everything that happens. It makes the story dull and weak so the fact that Fruits Basket is not like that at all really makes me love it all the more.

As I've said before, this story focuses mostly on the relationship with Tohru and Kyo and what's to happen after graduation. It was so... *Cries like a baby for hours on end* (... *Reluctantly hands over a tissue) ...thanks. *Blows her nose obnoxiously* ...well, it's very difficult for me to talk about it. Tohru was really torn in her feelings for what's happening with Kyo and Kyo... *Smiles* ...he had a very emotional discussion with Tohru's grandfather. Grandfather is... a character that sees things in a very different light. It was good for him to talk with Kyo. I felt that it helped him. Tohru is really trying hard in helping Kyo out. I really hope she finds a way to break that bloody curse soon. I don't think I can handle much more of this! >_< I can't say much about this because any little thing can give it away. I so wish I could go into more details... Just trust me, guys. You're going to love it. Here's a hint: Loophole to transformation is a blanket! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!! >:3

The side stories in this volume was about Ayame and Mine. We got a bit of history to how they met and what happened there. It was a little sad seeing what Ayame did to that high school girl but with Mine, she helped him see the error of his ways and he changed for the better. Also, he admitted to them being... *Ahem* ...close. Not that we didn't know it from the start but it is nice seeing it out in the open like that. Trust me, it's not a spoiler. We all knew that's what was going on. It made me squee. X3 Another thing that made me squee was Momiji! Holy crap! He grew and I mean grew! He's sooooooooo hot! He still acts like himself but he's hot! Guys, you must go and see him right now!!! *Flails* The part of the story that was depressing was when Manabe revealed what he did with Tohru. As the reader, you know that he and Tohru are connected; we saw a lot of hints of that in previous volumes. However, we don't know how they are connected until we read it in this volume... and let me tell you, it's going to make you go, "NO BLOODY WAY!!!" Also, Komaki is finally shown. She's Manabe's girlfriend and I think they are perfect for each other. When you read, you'll see what I mean. She's very cute but also very... strange. Just like him! XD Manabe and Yuki... *Cracks up* Those two relationship is crack on ice! I love how they intereact with each other. The fact that Manabe always calls Yuki a girl makes me giggle. There's just so much crack in here that... you must read for yourself. One last thing: Akito was in this volume and he did annoy me but he's only there for a split second and it's not even that bad because Shigure treats him like crap. *Smirks* And it pleases me. >:3

Yeah, another great volume. I mean, did you really expect anything less? Yeah, I didn't think so. I'm just so amaze at how everything is playing out. The story is being put together bit by bit but at the same time, there's still so many things unanswered. I wonder if all of those questions will be answered at all even... I'm so nervous. I'm so close to the end, I can almost taste it. The drama is heating up, making its way down my throat and into my gut! Guys! What do you think is going to happen!? I don't know but I smell epicness waiting to happen! Four more to go. I say we shall stop dawdling and get to the next volume, ne? Hurry up, mina-san! You already know I want you to read this manga with me! So hyaku! Come join me with the Kyo and the smex! XD