Fruits Basket, Volume 21 - Natsuki Takaya Yes! Epic! Epic! This volume was smexy! Dude, I was nearly shitting pickles there for a moment because the last volume ended on a very sad note. It was so sad I tasted emo in my mouth. [[Enter Flashback!]]*In the Corner of Woe cutting herself with a Spork whilst blubbering her eyes out*[[End Flashback!]] Yeah... it was not pretty. But this one! Dude, this one was so much better. Mind you, there were still a lot of parts that makes you want to run into traffic but it was necessary to get the good parts across. The beginning was the worst of it all. That was just... unbearable. I couldn't handle how Kyo was acting, how Tohru was hurting, how Akito was being a bloody douche. It was all a bunch of... BLAH! NOT GOOD! Towards the middle and then the end, oh man! That was wonderful! I am so glad it ended the way it did because... I couldn't handle another emo session... my Spork doesn't like working overtime. X3

My, my, Sensei. Your ablitity to balance things out makes me love you. It's no wonder I want to collect this series so bad. She was fully aware of the fact that last volume was an angst fest so she had to make this one at least a little bit light, ne? I appreciated that a lot. In this volume, there was the return of the side panels so we got more information on some of the characters. For example, the info about Manabe's landlord! That was pretty cool. Also, I want to comment on her story-telling abilities. This woman really knows life and she has some amazing lessons that she incorporates into her writing that I feel every single volume could help you grow into a better person, if only you are willing to take it in. This mangaka is pure awesomeness. I'm noticing that she is wrapping everything up in a nice way. It's fitting so perfectly. There's still a lot left to be done. A lot left. However, the way that she is making everything turn out, so far, is just amazing. I love you, Takaya-sensei. You make this fangirl giggle with joy~

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOHRU AND KYO ARE SO SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET TOGETHER!!!! <33333333 *Ahem* Sorry... I had a moment. But... uh... they were so cute! Dude, I was so worried that things were heading towards the stupid. Kyo was acting up and I was getting ready to smack him but things are okay. I mean, of course they are! It's Tohru and Kyo! Things are just working out so well for them. There's still a couple of things they need to work out but it's getting there. Slowly but surely. Which is good. Kyo was really being a dumbass for a while there. So much so that Yuki actually stepped in and kicked his ass, which I am very happy about. Not only that, Uo and Hana was giving him hell, too. It's all for the best. They just wanted to open his eyes and I felt that it worked great. Speaking of Yuki... HE AND MACHI ARE LOVE! They had a nice moment, too! In fact, they are the ones that close the volume! I love it. They are growing so much and you're seeing that they are finding their happiness with each other. Their relationship is one that was really built from scratch up. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. X3 Oh, something really bad happens to Tohru and you get to see the reactions of all the Zodiac members. It's nice getting to see how they all care about her...<br/>
...speaking of Zodiac members... you know what's coming next... Akito. That's right... "God." *Rolls eyes* Ugh... I don't know what to say about him. I feel like I should lighten up and not give him so much hell but... I just can't forget all the crap that he's pulled. Sure, things are very much explained as to why he is the way he is and sure... we get to see him open up... but it's just too damn hard for me to forgive him. He did a lot of horrible things so... how can I forgive him? It's just not possible. I can say this though, even though my hatred for him has not died down and I still want him dead, I can appreciate the fact that he went to look for help when Tohru needed it. I can also see that he's slowly changing. He's not trying to be a dick anymore and that's all thanks to our lovely girl, Tohru... but... eh... I just wish I could bring myself to forgive him and like him. I know he went through shit. We all do. I still can't feel any love towards him. I want him dead. That's the only way I feel I can maybe come to understand him. Dead and buried. >_< Shigure cares for him in his own twisted way but I still have trouble seeing how he could. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I know how he must've felt, he went through a lot, and he's grown up with this certain type of mentality (no thanks to his parents) and I can see that he's trying to change... but... considering what he did to the other characters: to Yuki, Haru, Rin, Kyo... I can't bring myself to like him... not one bit. Hopefully you guys have a better experience with this than I had.

Holy crap. Am I really done with this volume? Am I really only two more away from the end? Why, yes I am. This is so exciting. I see now that things are getting to a better end. Thank god. I felt that I was going to have to eat the stupid and I don't like eating stupid. Oh dear... I wonder what Kyo is going to do now. He needs to make every single thing right now and there's still the fact that he's not "free." I know Tohru is not going to give up on him... and now that he's being pushed in the right direction... I don't think Kyo will give up either. This is going to be a fun ride. We are most likely going to see the climax next and then the stunning conclusion in the last volume. This is going to be good! Please, guys! We made it this far! Might as well continue to the very end! I'll see you in the 22nd volume of Fruits Basket! See you soon~