Fruits Basket, Volume 22 - Natsuki Takaya Wow... just... wow. I don't know where to start. So many things happened in this volume... it's hard for me to just start from... anywhere. It was so difficult reading it. Things came together so nicely but at the same time... so painfully. I'm still not sure how I really feel about everything that happened with all the characters. Not that it was bad or anything. It was great... it's just... Akito really threw me into a whole new pit! I wasn't expecting him to... well, more on that later. I was giddy throughout most of this book! It was so cute how everything was playing out... I was so happy seeing how Kyo finally stood up for what he believed in! God, that was epic! Fangirling like I was just made it all the more enjoyable for me. There's just those little things that made me questioned... *Muses on it for a bit longer*

My word... who really can expect anything in this series? No one. Takaya-sensei did an amazing job in treating this story as her baby. Oh, wow! I can't even find the right words to describe it. She makes things appear to be so simple but then BAM! You get all the heavy stuff thrown at you at once. It really messes with the brain and does a number on you. I swear that I must appear insane to you all already because of reading this. However, it is so worth it. Once again, the side panels are kept to a minimum to enhance the mood of what's happening with the story. I love that she puts these things into consideration. Also, her artwork is gorgeous. I love how she is able to create such raw emotions on the characters facial expressions. That's always something I appreciated about her artwork. Though... I do have to say one thing I noticed... she's not that great at drawing hands. But that's only a minor thing. It's not as huge as to disrupt your reading of the story and hands are difficult to draw in the first place anyway. Hell, I can't even draw a straight line, let alone an entire manga. Still, she has very fine drawing techniques. Those faces! Oh, those faces! They break my heart into itty bitty pieces! >_<<br/>
Can we talk about characters now? Of course we can! Tohru and Kyo............... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY MAMA LLAMA! THAT WAS SEXY! I AM SO HYPER AND HAPPY AND EXCITED AND SQUEE!!! They are awesome. They are so awesome. They are like my favorite pairing in this entire manga. I love how they just connect. They went through some rough times but the payoff was so worth it. That... that what they did... I was frightend at first! Tohru fled... but Kyo chased. *Smirks* I shan't say anymore about it. You must read this for yourself because it is really good. Once things weren't as, "AHH! This is bad!" they were able to reconcile in a very "Rain Approving" way. XD What I didn't like at all was what Kyo had to go through with his father. His father is a vile man. Blaming Kyo for something he did not do. The bloody coward... he's the disgusting one. I hope he falls down the toilet the next time he takes a shit... *Grumbles* ...asswipe. *Twitches* Anyway, Uo and Hana were in this volume and you know what? I love them still! XD They kept giving Kyo hell for being stupid and not going to Tohru in the first place. It was awesome. And if that wasn't enough... UO AND KURENO! WAH! FINALLY! FINALLY! I can't say more than that because it's too good to give away. Just see for yourself. It's very sweet. ^_^ One more thing before I move on: Yuki and Machi are working hard for what they want! *Cougheachothercough* That little scene between them... *Smirks* Very nice~ Very nice indeed~ >:3 Hey, Kyo, Tohru, Yuki, and Machi should have a double wedding! Eh!? Eh!? *Gets shot* Great... that bastard is back. DX

One thing that really puzzles me is... Akito. I can't stand this prick and yet... he did something that... well, it left me feeling strange. I don't know how to take it. I'm grateful but also upset. Upset because... it's hard for me to forgive someone when he's done nothing but horrible things in their entire life. But considering the actions Akito decided to take... it leaves me feeling... awkward. If I'm meant to forgive him then I don't want to do it. However, I will appreciate what he's done. After all... *Smiles* was nice seeing all the other characters as well. It feels like I haven't seen them in forever. I suppose it's thanks to Akito that we get to see them... even if it was sad. I couldn't hold myself together when I saw how they all reacted. It was... so... *Sighs* ...I don't even want to say it. But readers, this was all so moving! You have got to see this for yourselves. I don't know how you'll feel towards Akito but... my feelings on it is... I can appreciate it but I don't want to come close to forgiving him. My soul is just not that kind.

Honestly, guys. Haven't you figured that since we are already here that it's a waste to not finish this amazing series? Go for it! Pick this volume up, read, then pick up the next one and finish it. This is worth so many read throughs and more because of the story and the characters. I will definitely talk more about how many times you should read it in the next and final review. Until then, join me in the 23rd volume of Fruits Basket. I am very curious in seeing how Takaya-sensei finishes off this series. So far, I'm liking where it's headed. I WANT TO SEE WEDDING BELLS!!! SO I EXPECT TO SEE WEDDING BELLS! Anyway, come join me? *Smiles sweetly*