Suite Scarlett - Maureen Johnson Wow... I was not expecting to like this book as much as I did. It was actually pretty good. This is my first novel that I've read by Maureen Johnson and I am not disappointed in picking this book up. Mind you, there are some things that I found a bit annoying but that didn't deter me from finishing or liking this book. The plot had me hooked! I wanted to know what was going to happen with the play of Hamlet, what was happening between Mrs. Amberson and her "past," and see how everything was going to be pulled together. There was craziness around every corner; it made the book that much more entertaining. The characters were well-developed, particularly Marlene, and having the book set in New York brought so many loving memories back to me (I used to live nearby New York) made the book that much more meaningful to me. I really enjoyed this book! It was such a great read.

Maureen Johnson is a fantastic writer. It's so easy to get sucked into her book. She streams language along so easily, making the words form beautiful sceneries in your head. Man, was I blown away by her writing! She created a great realistic fiction story and made it interesting to read. I normally don't read realistic fiction because I find them to be boring. I much more prefer my fantasy type books, thank you very much. However, the story of the Hopewell Hotel, the financial troubles of the Martin family, the antics of Mrs. Amberson, and the production of Hamlet in jeopardy just pulled me in. I don't know how Johnson did it but congrats to her! I am amazed she was able to get a fantasy lover to enjoy this type of book. Simply in awe! Not to mention she knows New York like the rounds and the texture of a blue-coated donut. (Man, I'm hungry...) *Drools* ... *Ahem* ANYWAY! Reading this book really made me miss New York. For someone who was born and raised very close to the New York scene, this book brings a whole new meaning to the word "nostalgia." Oh, God, did I want to just drop everything and go back to that bustling city! MOMMY! DADDY! TAKE ME BACK UP NORTH!!! DX *Sniffs* Forgive my outbursts... I just really miss the city. Anyway, I really liked the way this book was written and the plot was very much engaging. I enjoyed how those two elements was woven together. The only thing I have a problem with are the characters, or really, just two.

Our main lead is Scarlett. She's your average teenage girl that wants to make something out of her life. She's feeling a bit down because all of her friends are off doing great things whilst she's suck... doing nothing. She was actually a character that I liked. I didn't think she was anything amazing (she was pretty dull... nothing special) but she didn't annoy the hell out of me, which to me is always a plus. (Also, it helped that I was able to relate to her. I know what it's like being left behind whilst everyone moves on. I liked her because I knew her pain and struggle.) All that changed, however, when she gets involve with a guy. His name: Eric. Ugh... I became really annoyed when she became somewhat stalkerish with him. But I REALLY started hating her when she tossed out her brother for him. Seriously, she was like, "But he likes me!" and all that stupid crap girls say when they are stupidly in love. Her brother, who I am very fond of, was just looking out for her and she was being a prick. I don't ever get why! Eric is not that amazing! He's pretty? Really? That's all he has going for him? Because, in all honesty, he's a jerk. Here he is summed up in a few words: Cheat. Jerk. Two-timer. User. Ill-faith. I can go on and on. You want to know the sad part? He admitted he was a jerk... AND SCARLETT STILL WANTED TO BE WITH HIM!!! UGH! THE STUPIDITY!!! I CANNOT HANDLE IT! *BARFS!!!* Yeah... I started to hate Scarlett as soon as she hurt her brother the way she did. I can't believe she did that to him. Oh, reader... if only I could tell you what she did. It's so disgusting... ugh... and she couldn't even redeem herself even a little at the end of the book. She helps out but the fact that she still was thinking about being with that creep, makes me want to vomit. >_< I hate both Scarlett and Eric...

Ugh... let's drop this sad bunch and move onto better characters... or semi-better characters. I want to talk about Marlene... God, I hate this little brat. She was way too spoiled and she used a certain issue she has (can't say... spoiler) to make those around her feel sorry for her. It annoyed the hell out of me. I thought that she had no right... she was no longer involved in said issue so the whole, "WAH! LOOK AT ME!!!" was just getting old and annoying. I wanted someone to smack the crap out of her... then she gets put in her place... and she turned out to be a decent character. I guess after going through hell and having everyone at your beck and call... will make you into an evil demon. I still don't really like her... but I don't hate her either. It was mostly the parents' fault. Her parents were your generic parents... who couldn't cook to save a starving baby kitty to save their lives. (Redundant, ne?) They were okay but, like Scarlett, they weren't anything too amazing. They mostly got in the way, really. XP Lola was the eldest sister and she was okay. A bit on the perfectionist side but other than that, I liked her. For some reason she's in love with some rich dude... but... I don't mind him as much as I thought I would. Chip, rich dude, seems genuinely in love with her. The only thing that bothers me is that he thinks he can solve everything with money. *Sighs* Damn these rich people... *Haruhi moment* Oh, well... can't win them all.

Let's talk about characters I absolutely love!!! Mrs. Amberson is one of them. She's such a kickass lady. She's into a whole bunch of health stuff (which I love) and she's a person that won't take "NO!" for an answer... BUT IN A GOOD WAY! I love how she does things. She plays up her acting roles and it makes her stand out. I love how she works for what she wants. She not a person to take anything lying down. Oh, no! This woman is a fighter and I love her for it. She's incredibly knowledgeable about the theater which came in handy! Especially for Spencer because she's the one who was the biggest help to him of all! Only thing I didn't like about her: She flirted with my man! (I'm just joking! I love her.) But that's right! I must rant about how awesome Spencer is! (Oh, no... not another one of your crushes...) ...what the hell are you doing here? And you just show up at the end of the review, too? (Just get on with it, Suzie.) "Suzie?" Why "Suzie?" If anything, I'm more of an "Roxanne." (Rain! The review!) Oh... right... so Spencer! Oh. My. Bloody. God!!! This man is just so sexy! Epic! Wonderful! He was so cute throughout the entire book! He was a very gentle brother who had a gorgeous personality. He was so funny; every time he used to open his mouth, I started cracking up! Plus, he's a flirt! I love flirts! The good kind, not the bad. Not the kind that flirt to hurt people's feelings. The kind that flirt just to have fun. He flirted a lot with Mrs. Amberson which was freaking hilarious! God, I love him! He's the definition of a man! A very fun... kind of loony man... BUT A MAN NONETHELESS!!! I could marry that boy and make him mine in a heartbeat... Oh, and he's just so wonderful! Nothing I say can show how wonderful he is. I love how he cares for all of his sisters, even though his sisters are... blah. *Dreamy sigh* I can't wait to make that boy mine... *Drools* (Ugh... I'm going to hurl...) You're just jealous. (Finish the damn review already.)

Despite the fact that I hated a few of the characters, I had such a great time reading this book. I am so glad I decided to go ahead and pick this up. It was well worth the read. Johnson is a very talented writer. I will definitely be picking up more books by her in the future. If you want to read something light and fun, then I suggest this book. Just know that if you are not into girls acting stupid then you might want to murder someone. Other than that, enjoy the read! I can't wait to start reading Scarlett Fever because I would like to see what happens after this. Especially with Spencer! Oh, that boy has stolen my heart! I shall want to make him mine and squeeze him and pet him and hug him and love him and... *Continues for the rest of the week* (...ignore her. Just get the book and stop reading these sad excuses for a re--OOF! *Got desk thrown at his head*) *Angelic smile* Enjoy the book! See you soon!