Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles This book was just so good. I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was going to be so much cheese based off the cover and you know what? I was right... BUT I mean that in a good way! It was very fun to read and I enjoyed a lot of the book especially the characters. When I heard about this book, I kept putting it off, not really caring if I read it or not. But when I stumbled upon it the other day, I said, "Why not?" And I am not disappointed!

Simone Elkeles knows how to write drama! I love her writing style! It's so easy to follow. I liked how she took the time out to write it in two different perspectives: One from Brittany's POV, female lead, and one from Alex's POV, male lead. She wrote it in two very different characters and she did an amazing job with not mixing in the two. I was very impressed with her writing style and her simple descriptions. Although I did noticed that sometimes with the simple descriptions, she went from one scene to the other without much warning. At some points I was like, "Wait... they're in a new location? They were just at the house!" It left me a little confused but that's just something very minor.

I did enjoy the story but it is indeed very cliché. Reading this novel, I felt like I've seen the main story quite a few times on TV and in other books. You have the popular cheerleader, the jock boyfriend, the badboy love interest, your close best friend, your funny best friend, and the obvious villain. It just felt very familiar to me. Then there's the cheese. Oh! The cheese! It was so cheesy at times that I just had to laugh. Some of the things in this book was a bit out there but then again, this is a romance YA book so it's to be expected. I am very cynical to those types of novels. But I must admit... at the beginning of the book, where Brittany and Alex are still in that "I-hate-you" phase, I was enjoying it quite a bit. What can I say? I love sexual tension in any type of relationship. Especially the ones that start off with hating the person you want to be with.

On to characters. Okay... so I've seen these characters in other forms of entertainment before... that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy them in Elkeles's story! Brittany at first annoyed the hell out of me... actually... now that I think about it... she still annoys the hell out of me! In the beginning she has this thought of how she must be perfect and please everyone. As the book progresses she decides she must do what she feels is the best. Then at the end I thought she was pretty pathetic but that's just me and hating how women act whenever they are "in love." Ugh! I liked her best when she was fighting with Alex. Those fights they have were just hilarious! I liked Alex a lot more. He was pretty fake as well but he did it in a less annoying way... by beating the crap out of people! He was okay in my book. Though, I thought he was pretty stupid at times.

The main reason why I like this book is because of the side characters. They are so awesome! I love Paco! He is so loyal and so dedicating that I think I have fallen for him! Not to mention he is so funny! Man, that scene in the wedding: PRICELESS! I enjoyed Isabel as well. She was one of the only characters that didn't have any prejudices towards Brittany and Alex's relationship. It made me like her a lot. Seirra and Doug were also amazing. They tried making friends with Alex, despite the fact that he's Mexican and in a gang, even though at the beginning they were against it. They came through. I enjoyed them a lot.

This book, though it feels a bit rehashed, is still an epic book! It kept me entertained a lot, the cheesy moments could actually pass for cute and adorable, and the characters just make this fun all around. One more note to add: I did notice that a few of the Spanish phrases were wrong but I don't hold that against the author. Spanish is not her native tongue. I give her props for getting 98% of the Spanish correct! She did an amazing job and if you like romance and drama and some "ahem" moments, then I really think you should definitely check this book out! It is so WORTH the read!

EDIT: What was I thinking? This book is pretty much a cheesy love story. Yes, it is fun to read BUT do not waste your money on it. Get it at the library, like I did. It's only fun to read when you want to read something with little substance to it. If you go in thinking like that, the book is great. If you are expecting something more, then be prepared to HATE it. I'm going to give this a three out of five because after the initial feeling of "Wow... that was a pretty decent book," you get the feeling of "Man, that book was crap..." -_-" Yeah... it's that bad. A three people! Now go read something to make your brain work again. DX