The Maze Runner - James Dashner Now THIS is what I call a man's book! This book had everything! Action, suspense, badassery, craziness, and just all-around goodness that you normally don't find in books today. I was so happy when I first heard about The Maze Runner because I love dystopian and I love anything that doesn't have to deal with stupid teenage-girl drama. I knew from the premise that I was going to absolutely love this book and I was so not wrong. I am in LOVE with this book! So much so that I really need to go out and buy this and its sequel soon! My God! I HAVE to know what happens next! That ending just left me asking more questions and it's driving me insane! Oh, bloody hell! I'm not even sure how well this review is going to come out because, as I've said in previous reviews, it's so hard for me to talk about something I love because it just comes off as me fangirling but I will try anyway. For all of my lovely readers~ <3 <br/>
Let's start with the author and his brilliant plot! James Dashner is amazing! He knows how to write an action-filled, suspense novel. He leaves you wanting more with each chapter and the book is definitely hard to put down. I also love his writing style. It flows so beautifully. The poetic feel of the words, his world, the imagery, everything was incredible! I was able to vividly picture everything that he described: to the massive walls of the Maze to the smell of manured in the farming fields to the description of the hideous Grievers. Everything was written so clearly, it makes me want to re-read this book all over again just so I can experience it all over again. (I will re-read it again one day. This book is too good just just read once!) And that plot? Wow! Talking about always in motion! There's never a break. Something is always happening which is why you always want to continue reading... no matter if you haven't slept for more than thirty-two hours. XD Uh... not that I'm talking from experience or anything. *Nervous laugh* Anyway, I thought the plot was brilliantly executed. It was very well thought out and the origins to what is really going on, though only touched upon in this novel, leaves you in this stupor of wanting to see where it goes that you have no choice but to go out and buy the next book. (Well, played, Dashner!) I can't gush enough about this book. Just everything about it... was epic! <333333 LOVE THIS BOOK!<br/>
I need to talk about main characters now! Let's start with our leading man, Thomas. I thought he was a great protagonist. He was everything a main character should be. Brave, smart, caring, strong. He even had a bit of a sense of humor, which is always nice to have in our main characters. He was never stupid or weak, and although he had moments where he felt he didn't have what it took to make it out of the Maze, it showed that he was human. Realistic. Anybody going through what he went through would feel just like him or worse. I really enjoyed him. Besides, anyone would love him for all of the immense yaoi scenes he has with a lot of the boy characters in this book. Don't say you don't see it! It's there! And it's very cute~ <333333333 (So I'm a yaoi fangirl. Sue me.) Um... he's mostly the main character. There's a girl who could be considered a main character but she only shows up at the half-way mark of the book so... I see her more as a side character. However, I'll talk about her here since I need this paragraph to be longer. XD Teresa, the only girl to be placed in the Glade, was out of it most of the book. But once she appears, she's brave, not stupid (a plus for me), and she's pretty badass. She doesn't let people protect her in the normal sense but neither is she the "I beat your ass" type. She has a strength that's rare in females. Usually, women in books are either too pathetic and they can't protect themselves for shit or they are completely kickass by beating everyone up they see. So it was refreshing to see a girl character be strong but in a different sense than in any other type of book. I hope that makes sense to you... XP I like these two a lot.<br/>
My favorite characters have to be the side characters. Chuck was an all-time cutie. He was Thomas's first friend in the Glade and they really developed a close bond by the end of the book. Minho was this hot Asian guy (yes, I am shallow) and he was a great character. I will say this, though. There were times when I wanted to smack him because he acted like a baby and was a bit immature for me but there were only two instances when that happened in the book so I was able to overlook them. The "baddies" in the group of boys were Gally (such a prick) and Alby (a jerk but in that "tough-love" kind of way) Even though you are meant to hate them, you end up loving them because of how wonderful they were in their roles. Seriously, I cannot have enough of these guys. Dashner's creation of The Creators was awesome! You can tell they are this evil corporation that takes people and use them in their twisted--well, I can't say. Just think of Shinra and you'll know what I mean. (FFVII Reference? Yes~) But wait! I must talk about my absolute favorite character in the entire book: Newt! God, I love that boy! He takes up a leadership role after certain events and I couldn't be happier. He's so courageous, smart, funny, sweet, and lovable. Dude, you should have seen all the times he had genuine concern for the other Gladers. Oh, and the sweet moments he shared with Thomas... *Smirks* ...I want something to happen between those two. *Slaps self* I'm sorry! I've been deprived of yaoi so now my brain is only focused on that... Anyway, Newt is just too awesome for words. Read the book so you can see what I mean about how amazing of a person he is.

No, really. READ IT! This book is incredible! Such astounding characters, amazing twists and turns, everything that happens is so unexpected! Did I tell you that? The predictability is ZERO! Well, there was one scene I kinda saw coming... towards the end... but other than that NO! I couldn't give this book a rating less than five because it was absolutely amazing! Look at me! I'm still gushing over it. I know I am excited to see where this trilogy goes. I MUST know what happens next and if you like dystopian as much as I do, then you, too, will want to see where Dashner takes this story. It's going to be a hectic ride and I am definitely looking forward to it. Mostly, I just want to see what becomes of Newt and Thomas. They had a lot of delicious parts together and I'm just a sucker for the yaoi. (I wish this really was a yaoi book... I want to see those two get it on! >:3) Well, enough of my rambling. Just go read it. It's smexy awesome love time... even if some parts of the book is... depressing. Worth the read. ^_^