The Knife of Never Letting Go  - Patrick Ness This book was not that bad. I enjoyed a lot of aspects to it. However, the book had a lot of flaws, at least, in my opinion it did. When I first heard about this book, I was really taken in with the plot. I love dystopian/sci-fi books the most next to fantasy so this was something I was really looking forward to. The story sounded unique and interesting and I just wanted to gobble it all down from just looking at it in my hands when I went to the library. Obviously, I had really high hopes for this book. Unfortunately, I was slightly disappointed once I finished reading the entire book. The plot was always great. My complaints don't come from the story, no. They come from the characters and a bit from the pacing... though mostly from the characters. The characters were a hit-and-miss with me. More on that later. For now, let's talk about the mastermind behind The Knife of Never Letting Go.

Patrick Ness's writing style is... unique, to say the least. I will be honest with you, I'm not too much of a fan for it. It's definitely something you, as the reader, really need to get used to. He writes in the perspective of Todd, the male lead, and he writes grammatically incorrect that shows Todd's lack of education. That's not what bothers me about the writing style. In fact, that's something I was able to appreciate because it shown authenticity about how this world has been corrupted. (Who burns books so that way no one can become smart? Twisted people, that's who!) Anyway, I really liked how Ness was able to portray how Todd knew not how to speak properly. What I didn't like was how he kept the pattern of run-on sentences. That was too distracting for me. I'm a person who needs to have pause whilst reading or speaking, otherwise, the meaning gets lost on me. All-in-all, I have a sort of love/hate relationship with the writing style. However, Ness doesn't disappoint when it comes to telling a story. His ideas for a world where no one's thoughts are private and you basically have no privacy was completely unique. The creatures he created to live in this world, the corruption of an entire town, the adventure of a boy trying to survive in a world where you can die, literally, any second really called to me and if I was to rate this book on story alone, it would definitely get a five star rating. But, we all know I need to take other things into consideration and so... on to characters.

Let's start with Todd Hewitt, our protagonist. At first... this boy needed to be slapped. Throughout most of this book, all he succeeded in doing was getting under my skin. I understand that he's young, he was kicked out of his own home, and that a lot of things happen to him that can really make a person act out. However, the fact if him on the verge of losing himself doesn't bother me. That's something anybody would go through if out in his situation. No. What bothers me most about him was how he always used to make a stupid decision. Example: His battle with a Spackle, an alien species who are the natives to New World. There was no reason for him to instigate that battle and it came off as him being really foolish than anything else. There are other moments, too, where he could have made a decision that would have helped him in the end but he chose NOT to do the smart thing. That's my main problem with him. He didn't use his head enough and that irked me the wrong way. Granted, he grows. He was able to become a better character at the end of the book, yes. But he does something in the book that really makes me upset. I can't say what it is because it's a spoiler but it really hits home for me and I don't think I could ever forgive him for it. Never.

Viola, female lead, was another character that got on my nerves in the beginning. However, where Todd took almost all bloody book to develop and grow, she took only about half of the book. In the beginning, she was introverted and quiet. (I actually thought she was a mute. XP) After being tossed onto a planet different from your own and losing everything, of course you're going to be a bit messed up after that. I was fine with. What annoyed me about her was how pathetic she acted. There were times where she knew that people are chasing after her and Todd to kill them. But because things seem bad, she sat her butt on the ground and started rocking back and forth. Yeah, I get it. Things suck but dammit! You're going to die if you stay there any longer! Get your ass up and run! Ugh! In fact, there were quite a few times because of Viola acting like a baby, they nearly got their heads chopped off! DX I know, it seems I'm only saying bad things about her. But remember? She grows rather quickly! She did! After seeing herself in this predicament and knowing there are not much options left for her, she has this enormous amount of bravery poured from her. It was incredible! She really went out of her way to fight and live and do what she came there to do in order to make things right again! She's one of these characters that I, at first, hated. But now that I've seen her grown so much, I honestly do enjoy her character quite a bit. Plus, she really was kind to Manchee, Todd's loyal dog.

Manchee is my favorite character in the entire book! I love him! I love how funny, energetic, and loyal he was to Todd. Speaking of Todd, at first, he was pretty rotten with Manchee but as the book progresses, he grows more attached to him, which was nice. (Even though I hate Todd... meh.) Manchee fought right along Todd and Viola and cam in handy whenever they were caught in a bind. (In fact, Manchee saved their asses more than once.) He's simple-minded but in a pure, gentle way. He is by no means a stupid animal. He was a very intelligent being and I'm so glad that I read this book so that way I was able to meet him. Manchee was the one who saved this book for me. Because, even though I loved the story, at times I felt it dragged on a bit. Plus, I was too into the two main characters. If it wasn't for Manchee, I probably would have given this book a much lower rating than what I am giving it. I love you, Manchee!

If you are wondering what I though about the villain... they're fucking crazy! Every single person after Todd, Viola, and Manchee have something wrong with their heads! Oh man! What a piece of work they turned out to be! Mayor Prentiss is the big baddy running the show. He always appears calm and collected and you know he has some twisted plans up his sleeves. But the number one main baddy you see is Aaron, a preacher of the word of God. (Freaking psycho if you ask me.) God, I hated him. I wanted him to burn and rot! Although I hate him with a burning passion, he made for a great villain. He was twisted and sick and you are hoping beyond all hope he fries for what he did throughout the book. Man, I don't like him. *Twitch* As villains go, they were awesome.

To sum up, it was a decent read. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. I had a lot of issues with the book but that's mostly personally. I believe that it's worth reading even if I didn't like it myself, I think that others might find it quite enjoyable. I'm giving it a three because I did have some trouble with the writing and I wasn't loving the character until the very end of the book. (Also, it dragged in some areas.) The ending was the biggest cliffhanger I have ever saw in my entire life!!! Bah! I hate when books do that! It makes me want to strangle something! I'm not going to lie... even though I didn't like this book... I'm kinda curious to see where it goes. No really. I don't think I'm going to read the sequel any time soon (I need a break from that disturbing scene that I mention earlier... way too close to home...) but I think I will pick it up sometime in the future so I can see what's going to happen from where it left off. In fact... I know I'm going to pick up the next book. Until then, pick up this one and judge for yourselves. You might actually like it. See you in the next review!