Madeline - Ludwig Bemelmans This is one of the children's books that I read for We Give Books, A Pearson Foundation Initiative to help children all around the world obtain books. It's an organization that gathers many campaigns in one spot on the web to encourage people to read many books for children. With every book you read, one gets donated to the campaign you signed up for. (There's quite a few campaigns available.) A very good friend of mine, Nicole Terazue, recommended this site to me since she knew I loved reading books! (Thanks love!) The campaign I chose to be a part of is called Jumpstart for Young Children. Every book that I read associated with We Give Books gets donated to Jumpstart for Young Children so that less fortunate kids in pre-schools all over America will be able to have more books to read from and learn. It's a fabulous project and I urge all readers, especially parents with young children, to join and help other children less fortunate than our own to read and spread the word of We Give Books. It will benefit children everywhere.

This book is a book I have loved for years. I only read it a few times. In fact, this was my third time. However, I remember it from when I checked it out of my school library from when I was in elementary school. My school librarian told me that I would like this book because I would find myself relating to Madeline. And you know what? She was right. Madeline is a mischievous little girl who liked to get into trouble, loved winter, wasn't afraid of mice or tigers, and did whatever is was to go on adventure. There. I pretty much summed up my childhood. XD Seriously, I couldn't have felt closer to a character than I felt with Madeline. Even though she can be a trouble-maker, she has this endearing quality to her that makes her stand out. You know she's just a sweet little girl trying to have fun and it shows throughout her amazing feats. Miss Clavel, Madeline's caretaker, is another thing all together. She's tough, strong, independent, and has this weird sixth sense that creeps me out till this day. O_o But I love her all the same. Anyway, she has to be all those things in order to be able to look after twelve little girls. I know I wouldn't be able to do it. You have to feel love for this woman. This story follows Madeline when she gets sick and how not even that is able to stop her from being herself. Truly an inspirational character. The artwork is so precious. It looks as though a child did it in art class but then you remember Ludwig Bemelmans did it. You smile and think, "Wow... he drew it in such a simple manner that it comes off as charming." In fact, you know he chose to do that to show the beauty of his characters and his scenery. His artwork of famous landmarks of Paris is truly breath-taking! The Notre Dame and The Louvre are among the many he instilled in this book. His writing is so catchy! It follows a rhythm that makes it that much more memorable to the reader. I think this is a book that many will enjoy. It's recommended for children between the ages of 4-7 but, as with many books, anybody could read it. You will enjoy the many adventures Madeline goes on with the other eleven girls and, of course, Miss Clavel as well. I know I'm going out to read more of these books. They are just too amazing.