The Snowy Day - Ezra Jack Keats This is one of the children's books that I read for We Give Books, A Pearson Foundation Initiative to help children all around the world obtain books. It's an organization that gathers many campaigns in one spot on the web to encourage people to read many books for children. With every book you read, one gets donated to the campaign you signed up for. (There's quite a few campaigns available.) A very good friend of mine, Nicole Terazue, recommended this site to me since she knew I loved reading books! (Thanks love!) The campaign I chose to be a part of is called Jumpstart for Young Children. Every book that I read associated with We Give Books gets donated to Jumpstart for Young Children so that less fortunate kids in pre-schools all over America will be able to have more books to read from and learn. It's a fabulous project and I urge all readers, especially parents with young children, to join and help other children less fortunate than our own to read and spread the word of We Give Books. It will benefit children everywhere.

Yet another adorable read from Ezra Jack Keats. This book follows the adventures of Peter through a snow day. Let me start off by saying I love the premise of the book. As a person who loves winter, snow, and anything else that deals with the cold, this book has found a very warm and dear place in my heart. I love how Keats took snow and made it the central theme. The moral to this story is... well, always have fun when you go out on an adventure. I didn't read this book when I was younger but I know children will be able to get that sense of journey, even if it's in the mind of the reader, from this book. The illustrations are, once again, impeccable! I love how they come off more as paintings than actual illustrations from a storybook. The colors are so bright! (I'm a bit of a color fanatic. XP) It just makes me happy to see how much effort Keats put into his artwork. The writing style is very pleasing as well. He makes it simple enough to be understood by a toddler but it never loses the interest of the reader, which I think is very important when writing a book geared towards a younger audience. I say give this book a shot. Your kids will love it. Especially if they love the colder season. (I hope they do!) Well, this is my last review of children's books for a while. I'll back with a vengeance soon enough~ Don't forget to check out We Give Books and I'll see you all next time!