Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick MY EYES!!! THEY BLEED!!! This was one of the worst books I have EVER read. It's right up there with Toilet and Farted. The book is utter crap and I swear the brain cells in my head are going to start rebelling against me for always making them go through such torture. (I haven't read a decent book in weeks! DX) This is YA paranormal romances at its finest. Everything, and I do mean everything, you have ever read in YA paranormal romance is in this book. Why? Because Fitzpatrick doesn't have a individual, original, creative thought in that puny head of hers! But I digress. This book is so vulgar and annoying that it's just painful trying to describe to you what I went through reading this crap. (By the way, it took me over two weeks to read this book when I usually read one book a day... that's saying something!) There are so many inconsistencies, plot running all over the place, and predictability jumping right out at you throughout the entire book. (More on that in a bit.) In any case, I will explain every little problem I had with this book to inform you... and to let myself vent. (Two weeks is too fucking long to read shit like this! DX)

Let's start with the writing. The writing is shit. As I said, there are so many inconsistencies; nothing makes bloody sense! First Nora, main female character, is worried about this guy is going to kill her or that guy is going to kill her or if she's going to get raped tonight (that last one will so happen if she keeps hanging around Patch... more on that later) and really, there's no reason for it to be there. Why must everyone be out to kill her? Really, Fitz? You had to make it that "epically fantastically awesome" for your readers? That's just sloppy and going overboard. Another thing I do not like about her writing are her transitions. There are times in the book where she is talking about one thing and then, out of the blue, she goes off talking about something completely irrelevant! Fitz doesn't give her readers any type of sign she's going to make that switch of scenes. It makes the reader feel as if a chunk of the story is missing. There are these huge gaps between events that really DOES feel as if there are pages MISSING from your book. (By the way, my copy goes from chapter 21 to 23... apparently, Fitz needs a new editor as well.) Not to mention the plot is mediocre, the characters are forgettable and shallow, and it's the same re-hashed story we've been getting for years! How bloody annoying! I really suggest Fitz trying a little bit harder when it comes to writing. Period. Her writing is just terrible.

Characters are supposed to be a treat in a story. Most of the time, they are the reason we invest our time into the plot and the world the author has created (Not that Fitz created the world or anything. She was too bloody lazy and had every melodrama play out in our world... lame). However, that's not the case when it comes to Barf, Barf. No, no! Nora is a stupid, pathetic, weak-willed, poor excuse for a female I have ever laid eyes on. She fits right in with Bella and Luce, two other stupid, pathetic, weak-willed, poor excuse for females I have ever laid eyes on! Nora loses all sense of self when it comes Patch. Throughout the entire book, she has this unexplainable fear about him. Her instincts keeps telling her that there's something off about him and she KNOWS he means to do her harm. But do you think she stays away from him, knowing that he can kill her at any moment? No! She believes with all her heart that he could never hurt her and he has feelings for her. *Crickets* ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Any logical person would have stayed away from him. You know, try to stay alive and NOT constantly put themselves at risk? They wouldn't go out on their own, become a stalker of their stalker, and believe them right away when he says that he means that person no harm... even though minutes before he said he wanted to kill them! But this is bloody brilliant Nora Grey! She chooses to trust him even though she has no idea who he really is and only met him a few seconds ago! No, he won't hurt her. Even if he did say he wanted to kill her; she still has the enlightening feelings that every teenager has when in lust of unquestionable trust in him.

Speaking of Patch, he gives off the vibe of being molester... or a rapist. Seriously? Who goes around stalking girls, belittling them, harassing them, groping them, forcing them onto a bed, threatens to kill them, all whilst saying he loves them? If that doesn't say "sick fuck" then I don't know what does. As soon as he came into the picture, I was turned off. He tries to come off as sexy when clearly he's not. How is he sexy? One: His name is stupid. Two: He smirks like a bloody pervert. Finally: He acts all broody when in reality... he's just a pussy. He's your generic "YA dark and mysterious" type but what's mysterious about him? He's a bloody fallen angel and the reader knows this from the get go! THE BLOODY COVER GIVES IT AWAY, FOR FUCK'S SAKE! The reader knows everything about his character before Nora does which makes this book long and pointless. That's another thing I wanted to bring up. The predictability. You can literally guess at what's going to happen next and you would be right. It's that easy to figure out. Fitz tried to make it seem complex her story... but no. You know EXACTLY what's going to happen, when it's going to happen, and how it's going to happen. It's freaking sad... and dull. Anyway, back to Nora and Patch's undying love for one another. *Fake swoons* Anyone who calls what these two characters have "love," I'm slapping the stupid out of you. This is not love, people. It's lust. All these two want to do is fuck each others brains out. That's it. There's no love. There's not even like here. It's all about who can make the other hot first. Here's a tidbit, Fitz: Just because two characters rubs each other in their lower regions does NOT make them actually in love! God, Nora and Patch are disgusting on so many levels!

And you think the side characters would be a little better. But NOPE! They are just as bad. Vee Sky? She's a fucking whore that can only think about guys penises because, as female, that's the only think we ever think about and getting laid is all we are good for, apparently. Elliot, Jule, and Miss Greene are no better! Elliot is a bloody douche that wants to get in Nora's pants. Jules is boring as hell (and predictable). Miss Greene is another pathetic female (that's all this book has anyways) that starts a cat fight with Nora because she wants Patch's penis. (I don't care if that's a spoiler!) I guess what I'm trying to say is... ALL THESE CHARACTERS BLOW! There is not one interesting character to invest your time on. They all suck. Except that waitress lady who got on Nora's nerves. I felt she was the only smart one in this entire book. That's a little disappointing considering she only appeared in one chapter. Hell, I think I would have liked to read more about her and what he story was and not about these dumbasses who couldn't entertain me even if I was stuck watching golf with a blindfold on. -_-"

God, this book is painful... I just... can't... bring myself to even... LOOK at it! DX This book blows. It's just terrible. There's nothing creative about it, everything you can see coming a mile away, the characters are deplorable, and the writing is just awful! What in the hell was Fitzpatrick thinking?Did she really think people would actually enjoy this poor crap? Actually... most people do it seems. *Sighs* And my hope for humanity diminishes with each passing day. *Shrugs* Oh well. This is just my opinion and as many people have already pointed out to me, I'm in the minority. >_< Go check this book out if you really must. You might find it entertaining enough to bash--I mean, enjoy. >_> If fallen angels, bad angel lore, bad angel puns, and bad writing is something you are into, then I really think you will like it! As for me, I'll skipping on the rest of this series. Unless I get a sudden urge to torture myself again... but that won't be happening for a long time. I've got better things to read... at least I hope I do. O_o