My Invisible Boyfriend - Susie Day Man, this book was a trip. I spent so long reading it (mostly because life enjoys beating me into a bloody pulp) that I feel I know these characters personally. That I lived with them in this boarding school. That I was about to go squealy fangirl over the yaoi... oh, wait... I did do that... OH WELL! What I'm saying is that I REALLY enjoyed this book. I didn't think that I would considering that this is just not a genre I like. Why in the world would I want to read about high school life/drama? I hated my own, I'm going to read about another's? No, thank you. However, my good friend, Nicole Terazue, read this book and absolutely loved it so I, being one to fully trust in her opinion, went to my library and requested to read it. And, of course, it does not disappoint. I really enjoyed myself reading this book, which is so odd because I hate this genre with a passionate hatred! XD That goes to show you if the author really knows how to write, they can get almost anyone to like their book. Mind you, I still had some problems with it. (You can't expect me to FULLY love a book like this now, can you?) But the problems were very minor and you can easily look over them. It's still a fun, cute, light, fast read and if that's something you like then you should seriously pick this up!

But I'm getting ahead of myself! I still need to talk about this author! Susie Day did an absolutely wonderful job in writing this book. For what it is, it's amazing. The plot is not too complicated or heavy but then again, it's not supposed to be. It's meant to just give you a bit of a break when dealing with your own life by getting involved in the main character's life. I really enjoy Day's writing style. It takes up today's lingo pretty well (but it's British lingo so it could be a bit confusing if you don't know much of English slang). The writing style is simplistic enough to be easy to read but not enough to come across as juvenile. I also liked how the book is formatted. The book includes actual IMs and emails that take place between that characters and I thought that was a nice touch to have in this cute book. There is just one thing about the plot that bothered me, though. I don't like how the reader can figure out who the mysterious "E" is WAY before the characters in the book can. It's set up to be that way on purpose, I know, but it's just dragged out for far too long and it becomes a bit irritating after a while. At least for me it did. After all, no one is that bloody stupid and the fact that Heidi needed to have it shoved in her face after 150 pages of obvious clues... yeah, becomes rather tedious. Other than that, I really have no complaints about the book in general.

Except maybe for a few of the characters. Heidi, main character, is dorky and fun and even a bit charming. I love how she is imaginative enough to create her own boyfriend. That's a trait I highly value seeing as I do it often and I have a friend who does it herself. These are things I love about Heidi. However, when she starts craving actual "boys," she tries whatever she can to get said "boys." Even if they were taken at that moment with one her best friends. I mean, can't you wait until they have broken up or something? In truth, you shouldn't go out with your friends exs to begin with but... that's a touchy subject... I could at least accept this if she wasn't so, "Oh, this is so horrible of me... LET ME DO IT ANYWAY!" Heidi, no matter what you say, you're still a douche if you go for stealing with the boy-toys! *Groans* Plus, she's so bloody stupid! So many things are through right into her face but she needs to be told what's going on in order to finally get it. And even THEN she still DOESN'T get it! DX I just hate when people can take a freaking hint! All in all, she's an okay character. She became tiresome after the whole, "Wait... a boy likes me... I wonder who it is? Is it Drake? Malcolm? Bob? IT MUST BE LUKE!" Bah... what a nuisance. Oh, but she wasn't the only one who got on my nerves! She has this bloody friend called Ludo... and, God, did I wanted to push her out an eighteenth-story! -_-" She was your typical, "Like, ohmigod, I was totally about to have sex with this one guy when, like, I threw up all over him. It was, like, totally gross! Like, EW!!!!!" *Stabs the bimbo* I could not stand her one bit! She drove me mad and the fact that she was boy-crazed just made it that much worse. DX It's a good thing you don't see her too often... though often enough. Another character I had a problem with was Fili. At first, I quite enjoyed her. She is actually pretty cool... that is... until her secret is revealed. I won't say what it is for spoilery reasons but know this: What she did was really fucked up.

But not all the characters were terrible! There were actually characters that are to DIE for. (Okay, maybe not that drastic but they are freaking cute! <3) First I want to talk about is Betsy. She's this kick ass owner of a cafe/shop/whatever-you-want-to-call-it and she's awesome! She gives out great advice that a lot of people (not just the characters) should take into consideration. Plus, she's always calling Heidi out on her crap, which I just adore her for! I really liked her. I also loved this character named Teddy. He is the definition of Super Special Awesome! (Love you, LK~) He has the best sense of humor (really, this entire book does) and he just knows how to be an amazing guy. I would love to get together with him and play video games. Specifically Portal! X3 I would have to say that my favorite character in the entire book was Henry for many reasons. He's sweet, kind, caring, funny, sexy, intelligent, determined, sexy, wonderful, strong, and sexy~ (I like it when things come in threes~ >:3) Also, he reminds me a lot of a certain person that I like to call "Sugar" and I might be a TAD biased towards his character! X3 AND his relationship with Dai is just... *Swoons* ...delicious~ Mmmmmm~ Yaoi~ *Slaps self* Anyway, I should explain something about Dai's character. If you've read my updates, you will see that I started off liking him, then hating him, then liking him again, then hating him again, then liking him again. Basically, I have a love hate relationship with his character. I like him because he can be quite cute and sweet when he wants to be. However, when he started talking about his friend behind her back, I thought that was an ass move. But he gets better and then I'm thinking, "Well, fuck... how am I supposed to hate you now when you're being very sweet with your boyfriend and I'm a yaoi lover at heart?" Bah! It's so confusing. Here's what I think: If he wasn't a gossip, he could be the best yaoi boy ever! Well, next to Henry, of course. But he's a gossip so... make you're own conclusions. I'm getting tired. DX

To sum up: This book is worth the read. It's so light and fluffy that you really just have fun when reading this book. I am so glad I listened to Nicole and picked this up because I was quite pleased with the results. You might like it, too! You just never know. I know this is just what I needed to get me through a rough time. I feel so much better and happy now that I finished this book. And, hey! I got a new yaoi pairing from it as well! Whoo! A productive day! So, readers, go out and check this book if you are looking for something with a light plot and a fun atmosphere. Besides, this is comedy people! Don't you want to laugh? Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, that's all I have to say about this book. I'll be returning shortly with another. Hopefully, it will be as fun as this one was! ^_^