Scarlett Fever  - Maureen Johnson This book... really made me upset. There was so many times when I actually wanted to bang my head against the wall and other acts of self-mutilation because of how angry I got! (Also, note that I am only kidding. Hurting yourself is not the way to go... even if the book really does piss you off.) It's a little sad to say this because I genuinely enjoyed Suit Scarlett. I thought it was a well-thought out book: I enjoyed the plot, the characters (minus two), and the all-around humor to the story. This one? Yeah... it was a bit painful to get through. I was so close to wanting to burn the book (Hyperbole: get used to it kids! It's something I love using!) because of everything the plot seemed to be centered around, which is basically nothing. Absolutely nothing. I basically read about some chick who's obsessed with some guy who couldn't give a crap about her... wants her back... what kind of bullcrap is that? (More on this later.) I was very disappointed in this book. My expectations was a bit high because I LOVED the first book. Now... I'm just... deflated. And that ending! ARGH! THAT ENDING!!! HOW DBJFHKLSJJFODDOKFVDJIJDSIFHDUHFVDHUIHOLAZJ! YES! I WAS THAT UPSET WITH IT!!! >_<<br/>
There's no doubt in my mind that Maureen Johnson knows how to write a book. I can see it. It is very apparent. Her writing style is so fluid and, boy, does that girl know her vocabulary words! I'm serious! I am blown away with how it just seems to come so easily to her when writing out her books. It's so captivating! I love the way she writes. Also, she knows how to keep a book moving along. I like that about her. She doesn't let things stay still for too long but neither does she let it go by so fast that you have no idea what is going on. It's a nice balance and something I thoroughly enjoyed about her books. However, there are two things I didn't like about her book: Scarlett being an obsessive, pathetic freak and the fact that Eric plays up that "Southern" role way too much. It's enough to make you want to shove someone into traffic. Other than those two elements, I have no complaints towards Johnson's ability to tell a realistic story about her characters' lives and trying to make it out there in the world of suck. (Because, let's face it, life loves to kick people in the balls then point and laugh at you with malice.)

Going back to what I was talking about before. Scarlett. I have grown to loathe this character with a burning hatred... so much so that if I was to see this poor excuse for a female walking down my street, I would beat the living crap out of her! She's so dull; she does absolutely nothing worthwhile throughout the entire series. (Yes, including Suite Scarlett.) All she does is suggest a few things and then let everyone else execute her meager plans. At first, I didn't mind her because unimpressive girls are not that big of a deal... but then she got stupid when she got together with Eric. Eric is a douche who really just wanted to fool around with her (I hate him, too) but she seemed to be alright with that because she has no spine. Even after they broke up (That's in the first book so it's not a spoiler. If you haven't read that yet, then what are you doing reading this review to begin with?), she was still chasing after him. In fact, that's why I hate her in this book a whole lot more than the first (and that's saying something considering what she did to her brother!!!). She spends the majority of the book being OBSESSIVE over him when clearly he made no attempts to be with her. Checking her phone and seeing that stupid video over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... are you tired yet? Because I was! I WISH I was exaggerating. She saw that damn video so many times throughout this book that I swear, if it were possible, I would have jumped into the book and slam her head against that blasted computer screen of hers! Ugh!

The other parts of the book, she spent it hating Chelsea for no apparent reason and pretending to "hate" Max (the reader is totally aware of her attraction to him). From what I read, the girl did nothing to Scarlett. She merely hated her because she was trying to please her mother. Mind you, I don't think what Chelsea did was right but it's not her fault. Her mother is one of those parents that want their child to do the career of their choosing... poor Chelsea... But Scarlett was just being a bloody bitch. When she was arguing with Max, I was actually happy because someone was getting on her nerves. It was so blissful! *Happy sigh* Downside, the reader knows they are going to hook-up. The signs are there. So obvious. Don't get me wrong. I like Max. I love how much of a jerk he was. He wasn't just someone who gave into people. But he was the typical "bad boy" that most YA nowadays have. He was just a character that brought a lot of fun... until he started liking Scarlett. But... I suppose... I approve of this relationship more than the Scarlett and Eric one. Which brings me to said bastard. I bloody hate Eric. He annoys me. He tries to play up the fact that he's from the South so he has manners and cares about girls and bullshit like that. Really? I'm not buying it! He's a prick that just wanted to have a good time and wanted to use Scarlett (but seeing as how she's a dumbass, I guess I can't really expect much). The way he went on and on about being "Southern" got really old really fast. I could just shoot him. Literally, shoot him... if he was right here next to me, that is. Jesus! I literally yelled at the book for him to shut up! What even makes me more upset was him trying to get back into Scarlett's life... and she letting him! WHAT AN IDIOT! *Inhales/exhales* I have to stop reading books that make me upset... I'm going to get an ulcer at this rate. -_-"

Can we talk about things I actually have no problem with? Or minimal problem with? Let's start with Lola. I can sympathize with Lola. She has no goals set out for herself, life is crumbling down, and she has little going for her. I understand how that feels. Some people just don't have the many options others have. Some of us are trapped doing things we just don't want to do and believe me, it sucks big time. However, I don't understand how someone could just go and throw their life away because they don't have enough money. I felt that Lola, because she saw herself in a desperate situation, did something completely stupid. I can't understand that. She should have taken the time out and actually thought things through but... she didn't. I don't hate her but... I feel that she's making a huge mistake. Marlene was a little bit better in this book. She still has a LOT of growing to do but at least she wasn't as annoying as in the first book. My only complaint about her is that... she has a big mouth. Someone needs to teach her the concept of keeping a secret. Blah... this book was dull... my only highlights were Mrs. Amberson and Spencer. Especially Spencer. Mrs. Amberson wasn't in this book as much as she was in the last but when she was, she made it so much more enjoyable. I love her antics and her ability to lie leaves me in awe! She's my idol! XD Spencer! God, he's so hilarious! So much fun and very caring! I love how he's just soooooo amazing! Even if he's upset with his sisters, he still manages to look out for them and care for them. He does something so epic for Lola that I felt like running up to him and giving him a huge hug!!! Things don't go too well for him in this book. I found his story much more appealing than what was going on with Scarlett. He has real issues and a real engaging plot. I was so taken in by it. He goes through a lot of misfortune... it's a shame, really. He's so gentle and honest... you wish he wouldn't have to go through so much hell... and didn't have such dumb sisters. Although, I will say this, I love his relationship with Scarlett. They are hilarious together. I even love it when he interacts with Lola. They are always fighting! XD But you can tell they love each other completely. Even with Marlene. I may not like all of his sisters, but he's definitely a great brother!

What am I trying to say? I'm trying to say the book was... okay. Definitely not the worst book ever written but not the best either. I was disappointed to see that it took the route it did but... *Shrugs* ...what can I do? I did enjoy the book for the parts stated above and that's really what made me decide that it deserves a three. (Spencer saved the book, really.) However, Scarlett was just too pathetic for my liking. *Groans* Somebody put that girl in cold water! >_< I hated the ending, mostly because it ends on this HUGE cliffhanger. There were a lot of questions left unanswered which pissed me off. BAH! That is to say... I like the series and I will probably pick up the next book when it comes out. However, I think it's one of those books you should check out of the library if you are curious enough about it. Scarlett is not a very likable character. *Shrugs* Eh, who knows? You might like her. I encourage you to read it, if only for Spencer. He's such a doll~ Anyway, go ahead. Check it out. You might actually like it. If anything, it is a good read. That makes it count for something, right? I hope so! Enjoy!