Envy - Gregg Olsen Well, this book was a HUGH disappointment. I first picked up this book at the library because I have been seeing it around the book community. No one really gave a proper review for it so I had no idea what it was about. I guess you could say I picked this up sort of on a whim. The cover looked gorgeous as well. (Shut up. I like pretty covers...) When I finally decided to sit down and read the synopsis, I was genuinely surprised to see that it was a mystery/thriller book. Now, if you know me, you already know that's not my kind of book. I'm not into thrillers because they are boring to me. I have no problem with those of you who like it. We all have different taste in books. However, for me, it's just not one of my favorite genres. Well, I didn't let that stop me from reading the book. After all I read Killing Britney by Sean Olin and liked it, what makes me think I wouldn't like this one as well? ...I shall tell you... I did NOT like this book. Not one bit. Here's why: The majority of the book was dull as hell. Nothing interesting happens until you get to page 222. Everything else about the book was showing petty girls liking superficial things and that just doesn't do it for me. I really hate reading about high schoolers who only want to be at the top. It's been done before and it's stupid. Just a head's up... this might turn into a rant review so... you have been warned.

Gregg Olsen greatly disappointed me with this book. I read how he was praised for being such a fantastic mystery/thriller writer so I was a bit intrigued. And certainly, the premise to this book is amazing! I like the idea and I would have loved to see how it all come about... if it was done correctly. First, the writing style was not to my liking. The majority of the story was way too wordy. Half way through a sentence, you would have to go back and re-read a certain scene because Olsen took too long describing what a piece of furniture looked like. He dragged on certain parts of the book that could have been easily cut out to create a smoother, flowing pace. Also, when he tried writing scenes with teenagers... it came off as ridiculous. Not that teens don't act like that, I know they do, but it just came off as weird and not very appealing. Another thing was... it was unbelievably boring! For example, instead of focusing on the issue of how Katelyn died, the book focused on high school drama, boy troubles, superficial nonsense that had absolutely nothing to do with the plot. Things started to unravel around the 180 page-mark and only became interesting at page 222. That is too bloody long into the book to keep the reader invested in your story, Olsen. You needed to balance it out a bit better. *Sighs* The story had potential... it just fell flat for me. Even the ending to it all was anti-climatic... what... really? Ugh! DX

I. Hate. The. Main. Characters. They were the most shallow characters out of the entire bunch. (Well, except maybe for Starla. She was pretty bad, too. More on her later.) Hayley and Taylor are twin sisters that have some kind of psychic powers that let them tap into anything they get their hands on (that was a crappy description but this book doesn't deserve my articulate abilities). My gripe with them is that, even though they have these powers, all they seem to focus on are what people are wearing, judging how people live their lives, hanging around dumbasses that should be dropped like a pile of crap, and penises. If that wasn't enough, they treated their father like shit all of the bloody time! What the hell was up with that!? He was a very gentle, caring man and all they seem to do was insult him. You want to know what pisses me off more than this? The fact that they did it behind his back and in a conniving way! Jesus, leave your father alone! What has he ever done to you!? Plus, they chat speak! What kind of unintelligent being still does that!? Too bloody lazy to type out the full word? Whenever I read those parts, I felt like tearing my eyes out! I don't see how anyone can understand that type of writing. Another thing that I did not like about these two were how interchangeable they were as characters. I know they are twins and all... but no twins are EXACTLY alike. For example, it was said that Hayley was the shy, intellectual whilst Taylor was the more outspoken and quick to jump to conclusions. However, there were times in the book where Hayley was outspoken (and full of it) and stupid whilst Taylor was the one being quiet and observant. They switched personalities so many times that I was never able to tell which one was which. It was confusing and annoying and that's why I hate these two with a passion (among the other reasons I started above).

You know how normally the side characters save the book for me? Well, not this time! All of the side characters suck!!! (Except three but they were so minor that I can't consider them as worthy of giving this book a higher rating.) There was Katelyn, the girl who died and everyone is trying to figure out how she died. She was pathetic. Plain and simple. She lowered herself for her so called "friend" just so she could be just as popular and pretty. Pathetic. Then there was Starla, the so called "friend." I. Hate. This. Bitch. With. A. Burning. Passion. She was the epitome of "stereotypical popular girl who has people worshiping the ground she walks on." I can't handle this girl. Her friend just died and she couldn't care less! Bah! Terrible person! Her mother was no different! Just as messed up as she is and her brother is going to grow up to be a serial killer because they don't bloody pay attention to what he is doing! Only wrapped up into there own little world! DX Then there's Beth, the twins friend, and honestly... I don't know WHY anyone would be friends with her. She just like Starla except for the "outcast" side. Nothing is good about her: superficial, stupid, egotistical, heartless, etc. Moira, the reporter, same as all the other characters. Valerie, twins' mother, was okay but she didn't do anything amazing to stand out. The only three characters that I liked were Ryan (twins' father, Savannah (linguistics researcher), and Shania (Colton's, the Hayley's boyfriend who was... meh, mother). They were the only ones with true heart and character. They were the only three who actually DID something in the book. I would say more but that's going into spoiler territory. I just admire them so much because in this novel where everyone was jealous of everyone else, where all they seem to care about are things of this world, where kicking back and doing nothing seems to be the norm, these three were strong enough to climb above the rest and actually DO something of value. They were the ones who made this book interesting. I just wish they did it sooner so I wouldn't have had to sit through this dull book.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to be over and done with this crap. It took way longer than it needed to be and I feel that my brain is dead because I had to sit through the entire ordeal. What a waste of my time. I am not a happy reader right now. The only reason why this gets a two instead of a one is because I was getting into the story towards the end. But other than that... no. I just can't. The story turned out to be predictable for the most part, the characters were stupid, the execution was poor, and the writing was a joke. I'm sorry to those who really enjoyed this book. I just really disliked what took place or, rather, how poorly it was executed. The premise was phenomenal so props for Olsen to thinking that up. He just needs to try a bit harder at creating a truly well-worth mystery novel. That... or I should just stay away from genres that are not my forte. All-in-all, if you are curious enough, I say check this one out of the library first. I can't guarantee you will like this one. The sequel comes out next fall but I think I'm going to skip out on that one. *Nods* Yeah... I'm just not that interested in finding out what happens next... perhaps you will. For now, I will just go wash my brain out.