Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann This book was really amazing! I seriously had a great time reading it, which is awesome because the last book I read really sucked. When I first heard of this book, I remember thinking it sounded interesting. However, everyone else seemed to disagree. There were a lot of mixed reviews out there. Some saying it was good, others saying it sucked. So... I really had no clue what I was getting myself into when I picked this book up from the library the other day. Still, I kept thinking how I was drawn in by the synopsis and the fact that the main character had OCD really stood out to me. Well, I finished reading... AND IT WAS AMAZING!!! I cannot tell you how quickly I devoured this book. It is such an easy, fast read and there's not a single dull moment! I was really taken in with the story and the characters (especially the characters) that I just kept turning the pages. This was a great example of a stand-alone book and I would love to re-read it again some day.

Lisa McMann wrote this book brilliantly! The writing style is something I have never seen before. It is written from a third-person, present-tense point of view and, if you know anything about writing, you'd know that writing in that style is no easy task. The fact that McMann was able to do so without any drawbacks to the story itself is an accomplishment in and of itself. It was easy to read, easy to understand, easy to get lost in the story. The story itself is not necessarily unique but it was engaging enough to keep the reader wanting to read more. The aspect of where the source of the spirits was coming from was indeed interesting. I don't think I've read anything like that. Though some people may see it as a let down, I thought it was something different and I like when things are different and not used over and over and over again. I do believe that McMann did a wonderful job creating her characters. Her characters are not some two-dimensional beings that are spread onto paper. No. They are full of life, of meaning, of actually having a BRAIN! I love how she created and portrayed her characters. In short, McMann did a fabulous job in writing this book.

I'm going to go more in depth now with the characters. There's the main female lead, Kendall, who turned out to be my most favorite character in the entire book. I know. Shocking, right? It's very rare for me to find the main character likeable. Most of the time the female lead is a shallow, weak, stupid, pathetic girl who needs the man to come "save" her because she can't do a damn thing herself. Fortunately, this is not the case with this book. Kendall is very strong, brave even when she's scared, intelligent, actually HAS a personality, and isn't just some boy crazed teenage wimp. I love how she truly showed her emotions in a way the reader can appreciate her for who she is. The fact that she had OCD just made her seem more real. We, as readers, got to see a little bit of what it's like to have such a disease. I found myself relating to Kendall quite a bit. She and I had experienced a few things that were similar and... I don't know... I just connected with her. She made me smile and frown because of what she went through, memories of my own past creeping into my mind. I truly do love her for who she is and I am glad she was created to be this way. The male lead, Jacián, wasn't that bad of a guy either. At first, I didn't really like him because I thought he fell into the role of "broody, dark, male" protagonist of all other YA novels. But, I am glad to say, he turned out to be nothing of the sort. Yes, he is rough around the edges but that's only because of what he went through. He warms up to Kendall as the story progresses and he turns out to be quite the sweetheart. He's the perfect example of a tsundere and I love him all the more for it... seeing as I, myself, am in love with a tsundere character. XD Another thing I want to note about these two characters is how their relationship wasn't rushed. There was no instalove. No lust. Nothing that makes me hate the paranormal YA genre with a passion. McMann took the time to flesh out their characters and to let the attraction between the two grow at a very natural pace. I swear, this book actually makes me want to run out into the snow (if I got snow from where I live... damn South) and just dance the night away~ *Fangirl mode* These two are among the best main characters I have read in any book!

That's not to say the side characters aren't just as good. There's Kendall's parents who were absolute love. Marlena, Jacián's sister, who was younger than the others but didn't act like a spoiled brat. She became one of Kendall's closest friends even though they didn't know each other prior to her moving to Montana. Then there's Nico, Kendall's best friend since they were babies and her soul mate (take that as you will), and he wasn't in the book much but from what I saw, he was a very gentle likable character. We have Eli, a childhood friend of Kendall's, and he was ultimate love! Even though he wasn't in the book much either, the way he interacted with Kendall just showed how close they really are with one another. I would have liked to see more of him. Then there's Hector and Mr. Greenwood. They play a key role in the novel so I can't say much but they were rather funny and cute together. I like them. Just... all of the side characters, though rarely making an appearance, when they do, they leave a lasting impression on you. How many books you've read that have ever done that? I know my experience with that is almost close to zero. Almost. God, the characters are what made this book! I did enjoy the story but I feel that there was something lacking from it. It was good... just not great... and it was completely overshadowed by the characters, which is fine by me. I would rather have great characters with a mild story than an interesting story with bed characters. If the characters are too annoying, I just won't be able to get into the book. Check out my last review if you don't believe me.

As I've said, I love this book. It was filled with suspense and wonderful characters. The only reason why I can't give this book a full five stars is because I feel the story could have been spiced up a bit more and, since the book is short, we don't really see much of the other characters except for the main two. (And that one scene where it was teen drama but that only lasted for a page so it didn't ruin my reading experience.) I will still recommend this book to anyone who likes these type of suspense stories. The novel really was something unique and well-written. I am so glad I gave this book a chance and didn't listen to all those people saying it sucked. I really did like it. Hell, I will even say I love this book! I will definitely be purchasing it to add it to my personal collection. Even if you don't want to add it to your collection, I do feel you should give it a try and read it at least once. Do it for the characters, readers! Do it for the characters! Anyway, I'm off. I have a ton more books to read before the year is up and GoodReads says I'm four books behind. :/ I hope you enjoy this book! ^_^