Looking for Alaska - John Green Alright then... let's see if I still have what it takes to review books. First, I'd like to apologize for disappearing for so long. I hit a huge slump in life as well as in reading so... books had to take a step back for a while. However, I think I am finally back and ready to give it my all! Mwahahahahahaha! Second, this book is only NOW going to get reviewed because of the reading slump I went through. DX However! Here I go! Back into the swing of things and hopefully will not suck! XP

If you are part of the reading community and are fairly active in it, then you have heard of John Green. You know his work and Nerdfighteria so I'm not going to say all these things and more in this review. Point is, being pretty active in the reading community for about two years now, I've always heard how amazing John Green's books are so, of course, I had to get my hands on one and give it a shot. I picked up his first book, Looking for Alaska, about three months ago. I must say... I'm not too impressed with it. I just felt underwhelmed with the entire novel. I was expecting something epic and life-changing to happen and when it didn't, I just felt really bored. I heard so many wonderful praises, but in the end... it was nothing but hype going all over the place as usual.

That's not to say that I don't admire and respect John Green as an individual. I love his personality and I think he's a very intelligent man. I love whenever he teaches the public about things we, as people, ought to know! I'm telling you, I love this man. And his writing? Brilliant! He's a fantastic author. Green can make anything run like poetry. His vocabulary is way out there (unlike mine), which earns some HUGE bonus points from me. Not to mention the humor in this book! There were more than a few scenes that had me cracking up because John Green just knows how to deliver a joke. It's amazing. He's truly amazing! However, this book just did not do it for me. I liked it, yes, but I didn't love it the way other people seem to love it. The characters were dull, the plot was nothing amazing, and the fascination with this one girl, Alaska, that everyone seemed to have was just... why!? Why were they so into her? She didn't seem too out of the ordinary and she was boring to me. In fact, that's where the problem lies. I found the book too boring. There were moments that I did find thought-provoking but the rest of it? No. It dragged on and on and I just wanted to slam my head against the wall multiple times with how dull it could be at times.

One of the problems I found with the book were the characters. Pudge, main male lead, was... eh... okay, I guess. He didn't really stood out to me. He was just really... there. That's it. He wasn't an individual. In fact, he followed everyone's lead. If someone told him to drink vomit, he probably would. He started off as a good kid but then gave way to peer pressure and started to drink, smoke, and party. Basically, he's your average teenage boy with no balls. Even though most people would probably like him and I do think he's an okay character, I would hate his guts if I ever met him. Then there's the Colonel, the leader of Pudge and his friends, and he was an okay character, too. He had a bit of an attitude but I liked that about him. He wasn't too special either. Lara was Pudge's... girlfriend/plaything? Yeah... we'll go with that. I liked her. She was nice. Decent. Then there's Takumi. I liked him best out of everyone. He didn't really DO much but maybe that was for the best considering how nothing happened really... except that one yaoi scene between him and Pudge in the shower... but I digress! There really wasn't anything special going on with these characters except for their "enlightenment" but really? I saw what the "deep meaning" to the whole book was. Trust me. I did. But I, personally, didn't find it all that "deep."

Oh wait! I forgot to mention Alaska. *Sighs* Well, she IS the main focus so I guess I will. *Rolls eyes* As you can probably tell already, I was not taken in with this character. She was too much of a loud mouth, too much of a bitch, and too much of a slut for me to like her. Everyone in the entire boarding school made her out to be some enigma that had to be idolized (more like worship) and that she was the best girl out there in the entire world. I'm sorry but that doesn't sit well with me. Yeah, Green emphasized her flaws to prove she WASN'T perfect but in doing made it appear as opposite. My biggest disappointment with her was the fact that she threw herself all over Pduge but the ran back to her boyfriend whenever it was convenient for her and Pudge STILL said he loved her. Moron. -_-" Ugh... I just did not like her character one bit.

Once again, I know people loved this book and I can understand why you would. It's not a terrible book. It's a pretty good book... However... it just had no appeal to me. *Sighs* It's beautifully written, the humor is great, and I was driven to think about some of its meaning... only the characters and over-all plot was lacking. So go ahead and try it out. Since so many people love this book, I'm sure you might find something to love about it as well. If you do, then great! John Green is an amazing person and despite the fact that I did not enjoy his book, I will continue to admire and adore him. I will also continue to support him in any way I can. Well, that's all for this review. I'll see you guys soon for the next one. And one last note: DFTBA