The Hoboken Chicken Emergency - Daniel Pinkwater So my friend comes to visit me for the first time in five years from up North for nine days. What do we do with our time together? A lot of stuff… and go to the library! XD I am such a nerd when it comes to books so of course I had to drag my best bud to one of the many branches my library has. I wanted to take her to all of them but, alas, there’s only so much you can do in nine days. Oh well… at least I managed to take her to one of them! Anyway, we go to one of the branches and we start browsing the selves. I pointed out books that I have read that were good, not so good, were utter crap, and so forth. Then I drag her to the children’s literature section because, let’s face it, books written for kids are a lot better than those written for teens and adults. (She agrees with me on this.) When we started browsing those selves, she points out The Hoboken Chicken Emergency to me. She asked if I had ever read it seeing as how we both were born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. I told her, “No.” She was a bit surprised to hear I didn’t read it seeing as how she read it when she was in elementary school. Well, I have an answer for why I didn’t read it… I WENT TO BLOODY CATHOLIC SCHOOL WHEN I WAS YOUNGER!!! Those types of schools take away all the good books for kids to read. When I transfer to public school… well… I discovered Dr. Seuss and… yeah… didn’t bother reading anything else. Anywho, long story short, she pointed this book out to me and I had to read it. Not because I actually want to read about Hoboken because I really hate that town but… well… I grew up there… so I guess I just wanted to see how it was portrayed in this novel… even if I personally think Hoboken sucks. Don’t get me wrong! I am glad I read this book! It was fun. It was quirky. It was… bizarre but in a very good way. Besides, as much as I don’t like the place, I did like reading about it through the eyes of a child.

I think D. Manus Pinkwater did a great job in writing this book. I can tell he knows how to write a children’s book, if only because of how he keeps it simple and to the point. There’s no use of fancy language here! But I think that’s what makes it work. If a child picks up this book and starts reading it, that child is not going to want to have a dictionary right by their side in order to figure out what the author is trying to say. They are going to want to dive right in and see what the plot is all about! The parts where Pinkwater described certain locations of Hoboken were amazing! I know for I’ve lived there nearly all my life! Reading these depictions really brought nostalgia back… I remember the park… the docks… the many buildings and the different ethnicities. Man… all of it. It was just so relieving to read about these places again. Reading about it makes it seem almost… *Shakes head* I’m trailing off again. I should get back to the review! XD There are times when I think that the pacing was a little too fast. I believe some parts could have been touched upon a bit more. It’s too short. We could have seen a bit more with the relationship between Arthur and Henrietta but that’s just me being picky. It was an okay length and Pinkwater managed to write a cute short story about a chicken living in Hoboken.

Let’s move onto characters. Arthur, our protagonist, is a young boy given the task to find a Thanksgiving turkey for his family to eat on that holiday. He brought back… a chicken. A giant chicken. Who goes by the name Henrietta. Arthur is a very calm boy, I feel. He does what his parents’ tell him to do, he listens to adults, and he takes responsibility. He’s also very caring and sweet. He may be a bit too sensitive but what boy his age isn’t? I think he was a great main character and though we don’t learn much about him (this being a short book and all), we got to learn enough in order to appreciate his character. Henrietta, the chicken, is just as lovable as Arthur. She may be slow on learning, but she develops into a fine bird that loves her master very much and would do anything to be with him again. Then there’s Professor Mazzocchi, the man who “created” Henrietta, and he’s just a wacky, old, fun, goofy character. He might have some… issues… but I think that adds to his colorful side. Silly though he may be, I found myself really liking him. The last character I want to talk about is Anthony DePalma… I hate him. He’s a greedy, selfish, manipulative prick who claimed to be one thing when really… *Groans* …I just don’t like him. That’s about all I can say about the characters without giving anything away. Just read the book if you want to see more of these guys in action!

Man, this was such a spur of the moment read! It was in such great taste, too! It’s such an old book with so much class to it! Yeah, it could be silly and sometimes ridiculous, but that just adds to the fun, I think. This book is great for kids in elementary schools to read. I don’t think this book is for everyone. Older teens and adults might find the writing too juvenile. Too foolish for their liking so I wouldn’t recommend it to them. However, if you are looking for something short and just fun, pick this book up. You might end up enjoying it. And if you grew up in Hoboken, definitely pick this book up! You will appreciate it all the more. I know I did. Well, that’s all for this review. Hopefully, I won’t be taking long to read and review the next book. I seem to be slowing down with the reading as of late. XP